AoC: Community Coordinator Interview with Wayne "Yakomo" Soong

The Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures (AoC) community may know Funcom's US Community Coordinator, Wayne "Yakomo" Soong from his work on the official AoC forums. Yakomo plays a very active role on the official forums as he communicates with the community and gathers feedback for the developers on a daily basis to make AoC a better game. This week Martuk takes a look at the man behind the persona that is Yakomo in an Interview with Age of Conan's US Community Coordinator.

Wayne: My main duties include monitoring and interacting with our online community as well as acting as a liaison between the community and our various internal departments (Development, marketing etc.). I also assist with moderation and administration on our community forums and advising our player base of upcoming events.

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