Final Fantasy XI Exclusive Update Preview: A New Beginning

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Old is New. New is Old.

Ten Ton Hammer's Danny "Ralsu" Gourley has visited Final Fantasy XI's Vana'diel several times, and he finds himself drawn into the story a little more with each trip. With the latest changes coming to the game, could Square Enix finally overcome Ralsu's frustration with a login system that takes CIA clearance to reach his inner-Final Fantasy geek?

Yes, I have played Final Fantasy I, IV-VIII, X-XII, Tactics, Tactics Advance, Tactics A2, Mystical Quest and maybe even a couple of the Legends games on the Game Boy. Yes, I have seen some of the anime and the first Final Fantasy movie. Yes, I have a Cloud Strife action figure (And Aerith. And a chocobo.). And maybe I laminated an image of the Sphere Grid from FFX for easy reference. And possibly the License Board from FFXII.

Find out how Ralsu reacts to a new tutorial for newbs and a mentoring system to help bring people together right here.
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