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Posted Tue, Oct 17, 2006 by LadySirse

Three Beta Reports

Gamespy has updated their site with three articles that report on the beta experience for Wow's upcoming expansion, The Burning Crusade.

The first is a look at the Hellfire Peninsula...

On the Blasted Lands side of the Dark Portal, the crater area has been cleared out of high-level mobs, and quest-giving NPCs have been added instead. This begins a series of quest breadcrumbs that lead you through the Dark Portal, into Outland, and to the first major city where you can start loading up on quests.

Second is a journal of sorts as the author tries out a Blood Elf Paladin...

Yesterday, I kicked off with my early experiences of The Burning Crusade playing as a freshly created Blood Elf Paladin. Today, I'm going to finish up talking about the newbie zone, Eversong Woods, and then we'll move onto the level 10-20 zone called Ghostlands.

Finally is a trek to level 70 as blue-skinned Draenei Shaman...

If there's something I missed about World of Warcraft since I began my days as a raider, it was the feeling you get when filling up your quest log with assorted missions, and filling your bags with assorted loot rewards, inching your way to the next level. While the level 70 cap will allow me to experience that with my main, I'm enjoying the low-level experience all over again, with my beta test of the Draenei starting area. Since the Draenei shaman offers the most unique experience for Alliance characters, I went that route and began my adventure by swinging my mace and earth shocking things in the face. Just wait until I learn frost shock!

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