Exclusive Guild Wars Interview with Bobby Stein - The Next Big Step

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Trying to "win" in the MMOG marketplace is often something of a gamble. You put your money in [To the tune of $50 million.--Ed.] and then you sit back and see if you hit the jackpot. With the original Guild Wars, NCsoft and ArenaNet hit those three lucky sevens, and it wasn't due to simple dumb luck. One part of that equation was the writing team behind the original series, and those writers have now set their focus on the sequel to Guild Wars. Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye sat down with Writing Team Lead Bobby Stein to talk about the process that team goes through and what we might expect from Guild Wars 2. There's some juicy tidbits in there, so make sure you check this one out!

"Our job as writers is to impart the story through convincing and compelling dialogue in the smallest space possible. Players will have no shortage of interesting stories in which to immerse themselves, but those stories will be presented in new ways compared to the original Guild Wars," Bobby stated. "I tell my team all the time that a good actor can’t save bad dialogue. If you’ve written something that sounds wonky when you read it aloud, you need to change it. Lines need to be short, credible, and relatable. Even though our characters exist in a fantasy world, they should exhibit the same sweeping emotions that we do. As writers, we draw from our own personal victories, private tragedies, and comedic moments for inspiration. We must breathe life into these characters, or else they become nothing more than quest dispensers."

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