Lich King Guides Available Via Brady Games

Posted Wed, Nov 12, 2008 by Cody Bye

Remember when you first got to the city of Shattrath and couldn't figure out which faction you should align yourself? Wouldn't it be nice to have a field manual to take with you into the field of battle? Brady Games will have that field manual ready for you when you pick up your copy of Wrath of the Lich King:

Available the same day as the expansion on November 13th, this prestigious 352-page book offers an in-depth guide to the new content, including:

• Northrend explored: In-depth information on quests, bosses and items

• New dungeons: Dungeon and raid roles explained, plus locations and strategy

• Complete profession coverage: every recipe for every profession

• Achievements: complete explanation of the brand-new Achievement system

Many of the new features in Wrath of the Lich King are examined in detail in the Official guide, including:

• Levelling up to 80 and playing a level-80 character

• A complete guide to the new death knight Hero class

• The all-new Inscription profession

• New player-vs.-player (PvP) features, including siege vehicles and destructible buildings

• Guide to new hairstyles and other character-customization options available in the barbershop

• Wintergrasp, World of Warcraft’s first open-world PvP zone
• New factions including the Kalu’ak, Frenzyheart Tribe, Oracles, and the Taunka

Look for the guide at your favorite game store, but If you need some reading before tonight at midnight, head over to our Instance Portal for a preview of what awaits you in Northrend.

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