Two Part Guild Interview at Correspondent Ben Avery recently released a two part guild Interview with one North American and one European guild about issues in the game and how they feel the game has measured up to expectations.

In part one Ben speaks with the North American guild known as Primal Instinct.

Introduction to Primal Instinct

We are a PvP guild, majority of the guild is made of players who played Anarchy Online (FuncomÂ’s other MMO) for years, the members were on the same (and even opposite sides) of the war in AO, it was not a problem as "faction" differences were never really taken seriously by any of us (we are not role players), friendship with people on opposite sides was normal, you could kill him in PvP and still talk, raid, have fun etc.

PvP and PvE were separated and it was pretty common to have people of opposite factions interact on daily basis (outside of PvP) be it buffing/talking/raiding or whatever. When we heard that Age of Conan is ready for launch (end of 2006) we picked up the people who played/stopped playing AO and organized them.

The game was delayed and most of us either went back to AO (at that time another expansion was launched and Silirrion became the Game Director after some time) or to other MMOÂ’s.

Mental Block Profile

Name: Mental Block
Position: Guild Officer/General
Guild Name: Primal Instinct
Server: Tyranny, US.
Rough Guild size: About 12-15 active players currently, we, like many other guilds lost a lot of members during the gem problems. We were a medium sized guild before with roughly 40-50 active people.
Website / Forums:

In part two Ben speaks with the European guild known as Awakening.

Introduction to Awakening:

Awakening is a good sized guild with regular players of all ages and many nationalities. We are committed to supporting each other and enjoying the game. All we ask is that you bring your sense of enjoyment and willingness to be part of a great community exploring the world of Conan.

Mordeep Profile

Name: Mordeep
Position: Guild Leader
Guild Name: Awakening
Server: Dagon
Rough Guild size: 200 members including alts

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