Interview with Quest Designer Joel Bylos

Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures Quest Designer Joel Bylos took the time out to answer a few questions posted as an Interview on the Official AoC site. The Interview discusses the new content area of Ymir's Pass and what players can expect to see when they first enter this new area. Joel also explains why this area was chosen and what content issues it will help address.

3. What can players expect when they first enter Ymir's Pass?

An earthquake! No seriously, we wanted to get a unique hook into this area. Ymir's Pass will hopefully grab players right from the start and not let them go until the story is told. Of course, keeping a narrative flowing in such a free form environment and ensuring that players don't feel pushed is a great challenge. The earthquake mechanic is a gentle reminder to our players that there are great events going on and they can take part.

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