Massive Entertainment to Work on MMOs

Posted Sun, Nov 16, 2008 by Morvelaira

Recently bought and reassigned.

Massive Entertainment, most recently known for the World in Conflict games, has been acquired by Ubisoft and their talents are being reassigned. Ubisoft wants to use Massive to move it closer to the MMO space, starting with "light MMOs".

The studio joins the Ubisoft fold from previous owner Activision Blizzard, which put it on the selling block in August as part of a consolidation following the merger of the major-label publisher and the World of Warcraft developer.

"We bought [Massive Entertainment] from them because those guys are Blizzard, so they don't need that studio as much as we do," remarked Guillemot, referring to Blizzard's prowess in the strategy genre.

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