Top Ten Free-to-Play Games - Selling Lemons or Selling Hats

Not Every Game is Run by Slimeballs
Not Every Game is Run by Slimeballs

In the latest Top Ten Free-to-Play Games, Danny "Ralsu" Gourley dissects the apprehension about the choices F2P gamers have when a game uses an item mall. He cuts to the meat of the issue, acknowledging that many F2P item malls leave players feeling as though they've dealt with a sleazy used car salesman. And he offers a breath of fresh air with the approach used by NDOORS for Atlantica Online:

As a fan of F2P games, I'd like to tell readers that being afraid of item malls makes as much sense as the square root of negative one. Unfortunately, many F2P titles validate the fear, and instead I have to convince you why you should ignore your instincts when considering the item mall for Atlantica Online.

Read the full argument in the Top Ten Free-to-Play Games.

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