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heavy metal diary WAR Journal: Heavy Metal

Week 1

As you open your Tome of Knowledge today, you may notice the new guitar riff that pours out from the Live Event tab. Heavy Metal has begun, and a call to arms has gone out to every member of the realms. The two week long event requires a daily commitment from each Warhammer Online player that hopes to earn the great rewards the Tome of Knowledge promises. At a Basic level, a new trophy can hang from  your belt, showing your dedication to all who pass by. The Advanced reward is a spectacular new cloak, attainable only during the event.  The Elite reward is the ultimate prize: a chest that holds the secrets to training as a Black Guard or Knight of the Burning Sun, long before the classes are opened to the masses.

Ten Ton Hammer will be there every step of the way, updating this daily journal with the tasks as the Tome of Knowledge assigns them. Tune in each day to keep track of our quest to successfully complete the Heavy Metal Live Event.

The front lines of Order's righteous struggle against the malign forces of Destruction will soon be bolstered by the Knights of the Blazing Sun! The Knights, called from all corners of the Empire to perform their duty, will gather together in numbers never seen before! As elite warriors, expert tacticians, and brave templars of the goddess Myrmidia, the Knights of the Blazing Sun are dedicated to claiming complete victory over Chaos and its allies! Do your part to ensure their success! The Empire's survival depends upon your contribution.

Our pathetic foes teeter upon the edge of a precipice. Only a nudge is required to send these enemies to their final, pitiable doom. The mighty Black Guard of Malekith has conquered the Elven lands of Yvresse and Cothique, and now moves rapidly to join in the main invasion. Within a fortnight, Order's defeat will be all but assured by their arrival. The Dark Elves that serve within this elite cadre are fearless and driven to victory by their all-consuming hatred of their enemies. The purity of a Black Guard's hate, combined with his mastery of arms and armor, will herald out inevitable conquest of the entire world. Triumph is not without price. Dedicate yourself to Change, for there is no greater purpose.

November 18th, 2008: Participate in the Reikland Factory Scenario

Resolving to do my part and aid my Realm, I dive in to the first task my Tome has assigned me. I must journey to the recently opened Reikland Factory and help defend it from our enemies. Four strategic points have been identified inside, and my opponents must not be allowed to hold them. The Warehouse, Machine Shop, Steamtank Plant and Landing will never fall! I'm heartened to see I will not battle alone, as I am joined by many of my peers.

Our warband split off into smaller groups to claim and defend the key points in the area. It seemed the longer we successfully held our position, the stronger our side became. Eventually we tallied enough kills and successes to cause our enemy to give up, and they retreated to their homelands.

My Tome of Knowledge has recorded my efforts for today, but I can see this fight is not over, yet. 13 more assignments will come over the next two weeks... I just hope I have the strength to survive them.

November 19th, 2008: Complete 3 Stages of a Public Quest

I was pleasantly surprised with the task required of me today. My Tome told me to go out into the lands, and complete 3 Stages of a Public Quest. Since it didn't specify where I need to go to accomplish the mission, I decided to return to my roots. It had been a long, long time since I had visited my native Nordland, and I relished the chance to return home. I made my way to the grumpy dwarf at the nearby camp, who assisted me with strapping in to one of his crazy flying contraptions. I'll never understand why they can't just use a good, solid horse.

I landed in Nordland inside the Warcamp there. I gave a friendly wave to General Breuer as I rode by; he was a key figure in my early training. I followed the path west towards Grey Lady Coaching Inn, where nearby the giant windmill was still burning.  I spent a lot of time here in my younger days, and I easily fell back in to the routine of killing Horrors and the Chaos horde that commanded them. As the final Hero fell at my feet, my Tome of Knowledge rang with a warming sound. Yet another successful day has passed, and I'm well on my way to earning my first reward.

November 20th, 2008: Complete the Scouting Quest that begins in Reikland Factory Scenario

I ventured back to the Reikland Factory today, as I had received word that my allies required my assistance. As soon as our ship landed, I jumped down to the dock and spotted my contact inside. Adele Gondry looked a wee bit frazzled, and grateful that I had come to help her. She offered me a quest named A Wrench in the Works.

Something always breakin' down around here, and it's not just wear and tear, if you get my drift. Once you get past the landing you'll find 'em monkeyin' about with the warehouse, trying' to get into the machine shop or, Sigmar forbid, messin' with the plant itself.

The worst thing is when they do manage to get into somethin' and we don't find out what they did 'til weeks later. That's why I need your help! Go check out all those places and let me know if you see anything suspicious.

The task was easy enough, seeing as how I had just been here a few days ago. I quickly veered off to the east, riding up the path to the east to the first objective. Everything seemed stable, so I moved west, were I arrived in the midst of a large battle. My allies and I quickly dispatched with the enemy, and I moved inside to the main plant area. Only a few enemy were found here, leaving me with lots of time to head back toward the landing. It seemed everyone fought in this spot, and it was a close fight, knocking people off the platform to protect the flag. As a break in the battle came, I returned to Adele to report what I had seen.

Thanks for the report, it's good to know what we're up against. Without people like us this place would be fallin' apart faster than it already is.

Another day gone, and another task marked off in my Tome. I wonder what tomorrow brings?

November 21st, 2008: Visit the Herald in a Capital City

Gathering my supplies for another expected battle quest, I rode off to Altdorf to visit with the Herald there. Apparently he would be issuing the orders for today. I was a little nervous, having never directly spoken with a Grand Master Knight before, and I wasn't sure what he would think of just a lowly wizard.

I stepped off the Dwarven flying machine inside the grand halls of Altdorf, my home city. The incredible buildings never cease to amaze me when I come to visit. It wasn't difficult to locate the Herald here, as I pushed my way through the crowd of my peers to kneel at his feet. To my surprise I wasn't expected to rush off to fight the enemy. In appreciation for the work I had performed so far, I was rewarded with the Herald's Signet, a new trophy to wear on my armor. I proudly pinned the Signet to my belt, where all could see it.

It is a day of rest, which is a good thing. I smell blood in the near future.

November 22nd, 2008: Find the Sand Castle in the Reikland Factory Scenario

Ahh, I was right. The smell of blood fills the air as we tear through our Destruction foes at the Reikland Factory. I've been sent here for a specific purpose, to locate a mysterious sand castle. Really? A sand castle is that important to the forces of Order? I've got to see this.

Theorizing that a sand castle would have to be on the beach, I scanned the water line as I continued to combat the enemy with fire. There it was, just down the way to the east, up against a stone wall. I rode up next to it, looking for anything of significance around the sand castle. It's just a sand castle, for all I can see. Perhaps this was just a strange scouting test.

November 23rd, 2008: Visit a Capital City

Whomever is in charge of this event has a strange sense of humor. All that was required of me today was to visit a Capital City. As soon as I stepped off the 'copter in Altdorf, I received word that I had completed my task.

It would have been more fun if they told me to visit the enemy city; now that would have been quite an adventure. That does make me wonder, though, if any member of the Order realms has made it to the Inevitable City. I know the campaign that pushes toward the gates rages on, but as far as I've heard, the Destruction guards have successfully repelled every attempt.

Well, in any case, as long as I'm here, I may as well visit the auctioneer. These boots are getting a little ragged.

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