Gamers in the News (In a Good Way)

Posted Thu, Nov 20, 2008 by Medeor

SMU and Obama's guys think highly of gamers because they are gamers!

First off, Ken Levine (lead designer at 2K Boston) will be giving the commencement address at SMU's Guildhall ceremony. For those not in higher eduction, SMU is Southern Methodist University a very prominent university in Dallas, Texas, and the Guildhall is the graduate video game program within SMU. for those of you looking to get into games, make sure you check out The Guildhall at SMU.

Other gamers in the news come from the Obama support team. Apparently Kevin Werbach is one of the members of the FCC transition team (remember the FCC, they are the ones who judge things like wardrobe malfunctions so they are key people to know). From The Valley Wag (courtesy of Kotaku) we find out that Kevin can make World of Warcraft sound like a business application:

"...develop new software and ideas for collaborative production. Many of those ideas will translate to other group activities, including those within the business world. I think [massively multiplayer online games] will be, at a minimum, a significant testbed for these new technologies..."

Whether or not you voted for Obama at least one of us in on his team!

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