LOTRO: Mines of Moria Patch #1

Posted Sat, Nov 22, 2008 by Medeor

The ink isn't even dry on my receipt for the box yet.

The expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online launched just three days ago, yet the development team is already posting the first patch notes for patch numero uno for The Mines of Moria. Among pages and pages of notes with changes and bug fixes is one of the most feared words in MMO-land..."balance."

Whether or not classes were buffed or nerfed will be perception, but it appears that most of the changes are for the better. I do enjoy when the devs are honest, and here is a classic example:

- Fire and Ice Dragonets mitigations have been tweaked so that specific classes won't have as much trouble against them (and they won't be as easy for other classes).

- I was erroneously hiding the Corruption buffs on the Snarling Overseers. When fighting these guys, the idea is that they're building up to a special attack which you can prevent by removing the Corruption buff.

If you have some spare time (and a lot of it) the lengthy list of current patch notes for patch number one can be found in the LotRO Forums.

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