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Posted Mon, Oct 30, 2006 by Awenyddion

This just in from the NCSoft Team -

Update 3

With guns blazing and wheels smoking, the third of Auto Assault’s regular updates is about to hit the road. As always, each update is designed to enhance the game experience and give you tons of new content to explore.

Here’s a quick rundown on some of what’s in store…

· New instance – The Tower

In the no-man’s land of Ground Zero, a little-known Justice base has recently become a target for all three races. Dominated by a powerful overlord known as The Tower, only the most experienced road warriors should even attempt to take him on. Four players at level 80 might stand a chance…are you up to it?

· New Instance – Scav Uprising

This Human-only mission is designed for players at or around level 18. The Scavs are causing trouble again and it’s up to you and your convoy to take them down. This instance must be attempted by a convoy since puzzles are involved that require more than one player to complete

· New Instance – La Leche Madre

Again, for players around level 18, but this time for our green-skinned brothers and sisters – the Mutants. Travel back to the ruins of a long-abandoned temple and discover what lies in wait in this convoy-only instance

· New Instance – Malachite Detention Center

The Biomek race is known for dispensing instant and merciless justice and here, they need to bring rioting Pike prisoners under the weight of their iron fist. Designed for players at or around level 18, this convoy-only instance will prove to be a challenge – but you’re a Biomek and you know no fear…right?

· 2 New Loot Sets

Full sets of loot to modify your chassis – you’ll look good and kick some major buttock with the bonuses you’ll receive.

Set 1: The Warmonger Set – Collect Outpost Tokens and buy set pieces from your friendly INC supplier

Set 2: The Tower Set – Take on The Tower in his Ground Zero lair. Make the run multiple times to collect the full set!

* Ground Zero Token System

In this change to game play, Ground Zero tokens will no-longer be given out for capturing an Outpost. Instead, you’ll receive tokens for PvP kills. Furthermore, your chance to receive a token is based on population. For example, if Humans are heavily outnumbered, they have a greater chance than their Mutant and Biomek opponents to receive a token.

And there's more to come before the end of the year so stay tuned!

See you on the highways…

The Auto Assault Team

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