City of Heroes: Issue 13 and The Mac Client

Posted Tue, Dec 02, 2008 by Medeor

City of Heroes opens beta for Macs.

In an interview with Joystiq, NCsoft NorCal's Senior Designer Matt Miller divulged a little bit more about what we'll see in Issue 13 going live this week. We all know that City of Heroes is a super hero game. We all know that City of Heroes has one of the most, if not the most, customizable character creators out there. We know that Issue 13 is coming out this week, or at least we knew that it was coming out soon. But I didn't know that the start of Issue 13 would also bring about the start of the Mac beta client. That is great news. I constantly wonder how some companies "get it" and make their games compatible day one (Blizzard), and yet others have no plans what-so-ever to open up a Mac client. If any of you ever travel, especially through LA's airport LAX, you will see more Mac laptops than PC laptops. Anyway, this is really good news.

Question: Last month you announced plans to bring the game to Macs. What took so long?

Answer: It really was Transgaming Media who really got us excited. They showed us what they could do, and had done in the past, and it really was a no-brainer at that point to get City of Heroes up and working on the Intel-based Macs as soon as possible.

Question: Is a Mac beta still planned to roll out alongside Issue 13?

Answer: You bet.

Of course there is other information about the specifics in the latest issue such as the Merits Rewards System and the microtransactions for "Super Booster" packs, but the Mac thing really shows they aren't sending City of Heroes out into the pasture. Read more at Joystiq.

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