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WAR Fiction: The Sword is Forged, Chapter 3

Posted Fri, Dec 05, 2008 by Taea

Another chapter of Mythic Entertainment's fiction story has been released. Chapter 3 of The Sword is Forged sees Regina, a Knight of the Burning Sun in Warhammer Online, leading a small group as they battle Marauders and work to free a cart of slaves. If you haven't seen the first parts of the story, be sure to start with Chapter 1.

Regina drew her dagger, then called out to Osvalt as she started to cut the slaves free. "Wizard, set the temple doors alight." Osvalt blinked, surprised, then nodded. He whirled his staff around and cried out, and a sudden 'whump' of fire came from outside, followed by the alarmed cries of the Marauders. Regina smiled as she freed the last of the men. The entrance was now flanked with flame as the broken doors blazed.

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