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Champions Online and Bill Roper on G4

Posted Tue, Dec 09, 2008 by Medeor

From Meh to Me oh My!
If you're like me (and thank the maker you aren't!) you've been watching the sci-fi and hero games come and go through your lives like so many sit-coms through our era. Oh Cheers where are you now? I'm coming clean, I haven't to this point given Champions Online much of a shot at being different, or compelling, or any other attention-grabbing adjectives. After watching the videos on G4 I may be changing my tune though. Adam and Morgan interview Bill Roper from Cryptic while doing a brief in-game walk through, and the game looks pretty darn good. Here are two different links showing the show clips and the walk through:

G4 covers Champion Online part one, and
G4 covers Champions Online part two

There is also an interview where Bill opens up about his band The Poxy Boggards, and talks to Morgan while answering questions directly from the fans.

The scenery looks good, the action looks fu3n and it looks engaging, I have no better word for it than that. I'll let you watch the clips for yourself though and then you can tell me what you think. Am I Charlie Brown running at yet another football that Lucy is holding? Will Champions Online be another box on my shelf representing another monthly subscription that I haven't renewed? And please let's not even say the "W" word, as we all know, no game is a W-killer. Well heck, Bill says himself, "it would be crazy to take on WoW." I'll be buying this one when it ships though.


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