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Cryptic Studios Purchased by Atari

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In a move that’s surprising and raises a number of questions concerning the future of several games, Infogrames (the owners of Atari) has purchased MMOG development studio Cryptic Studios. According to the announcement on Gamasutra, the original City of Heroes development team was purchased for $28 million with up to $20 million in sales-related incentives. Here’s what Infogrames’ CEO had to say about the acquisition:

"The acquisition of Cryptic Studios brings to Infogrames an outstanding creative organization, with a proven track-record of success in the fast-growing MMO category," said Infogrames CEO David Gardner.

"Cryptic’s success is founded on leading-edge technology and the vision of a seasoned executive management team. I am impressed with the tools and technology that Cryptic has developed to make MMOs less expensive to build."

To be honest, it’s always surprised me that Cryptic had gone for so long without actually being purchased by a larger publisher. The team has obviously shown that they have the druthers to put together incredible MMOGs, yet no one obviously offered them any sort of deal. However, I’m also a bit surprised that the price tag ended up being so small. With two games already in the works (Champions Online and Star Trek Online) and a third obviously on the way, $28 million (even $48 million) seems like a bargain.

Finally, I’m curious to see what will happen to the future of Champions Online. Last we had heard, the game was still set to be published by 2K Games. Whether or not this Infogrames deal will change the situation has yet to be seen.

This is an interesting development in the MMOG community, and you should keep your browsers pointed to Ten Ton Hammer to learn all of the details of this juicy deal.
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