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Exclusive Atari Interview with Jack Emmert - A Potent Mix of Star Trek, Forgotten Realms and Godzilla

Posted Wed, Dec 10, 2008 by Cody Bye

When the Ten Ton Hammer staff heard about Atari's purchase of Cryptic Studios, we immediately got on the phone with Jack Emmert, Cryptic Studio’s chief creative officer, to learn about all the details and how the deal was going to affect Star Trek Online and Champions Online. What we got was an extensive interview about how the deal with Atari came to pass, how the acquisition will affect the studio, and what we can expect from the future of Atari and Cryptic Studios. With solid IPs like D&D’s Forgotten Realms, Godzilla, Dragon Ball Z and Alone in the Dark to draw from, there’s definitely plenty to be excited about in the Atari / Cryptic acquisition and this interview definitely exudes Jack Emmert's enthusiasm on the entire situation. Check it out!

I can also tell you that we’re doing things a little bit differently in Champions than what we did in CoH and CoV. One thing that we did, that I think is pretty cool, is that essentially the game is going to be done by the end of the year. Then what we’re going to do from January to the first quarter of next year is put in features, polish and suggestions that players have made in the beta. We’re completely focusing on trying to improve the game as much as we can based on the feedback of the actual players.

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