WoW Sex Changes: Open for Business

Posted Thu, Dec 11, 2008 by Medeor

Keeping the realism in painful sex change procedure.

Ever feel like a man trapped in a woman's character? Blizzard has heard the woes of those wanting to undo that single click at character creation. Sex changes are now available in World of Warcraft. For fifteen bucks you can finally come clean and change your Melissa into a Melvin or vice versa.

The service went live but had some processing pains between the game server and the payment server so many characters were left in the waiting room. Apparently it's all operational (get it?) now and players are free to MANage the sexes of their characters. The option is available through the account management page, so if you're tired of explaining how you are a really a guy, or have always wanted a few more curves, now is your chance.

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