Guild Wars: PvP Primer

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PvP Primer—Random Arena Summary

The official site for Guild Wars has been updated with a primer on PvP tactics.

We've covered Random Arenas from several angles already, but it deserves further discussion. Randoms have long served as a staple for PvPers of all sorts, from completely new players to the most distinguished of veterans. If you play in Randoms long enough, you'll probably end up with someone from a top guild on your team or, if unlucky, on the other team. You may recognize the specific character name of a player you've seen in observer mode, or perhaps one or your allies has some gold or silver cape trim (which would indicate they come from a guild that has placed in a tournament). But whether you get grouped with new or experienced players, you can learn from both.

Keep reading to learn more. Are you a whiz at PvP? More of a fearful beginner? Share your experiences with us in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums today!

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