Clan Conan #20 Holiday Gifts and New Content

Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures is gearing up for the holiday season. This week Clan Conan #20 was released explaining all the details for a nice holiday gift Funcom is giving its players and offered up a look at all the great content coming with the next big update.

It's been an exciting year for Age of Conan ? launching, and all! During the past few months we have strived to improve the game by adding more content, adding more features, improving on existing content, enhancing performance, and of course incorporating player feedback.

Among the things we have done to the game is employ the new PvP consequence system ? expanding greatly on the game's PvP aspects ? and introduce the vast Ymir's Pass adventuring area that added a lot of content for mid-level fifty players.

Next year will be even more exciting, and we will be kicking off with what we call Update 4. Read on for a preview of some of the additions coming in Update 4!

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