Matrix Online: Review

Posted Fri, Dec 08, 2006 by LadySirse

The Matrix Online Re-Review has posted their latest review of Matrix Online today. Keep reading to see what their thoughts are...

When you enter the world of the Matrix you get a choice to be a part of three Primary factions, Zion, The Machines and The Merovingians. Automatically upon character creation you start out as the Zion primary faction. This can easily be changed by taking missions with one of the three factions. As you do more missions for your primary faction you gain fame with them and thus favour. Also available are missions that are part of the main storyline. During these storyline missions you are able to meet some of the big characters in the movies, such as Commander Lock and Niobe.

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On the heels of losing their last developer, SOE's Matrix Online has released update number 66 this week.
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