Qeynos City Writs - Level 40-44

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These writs are available from level 40 to level 44.

Still building a list of which are soloable, and which aren't!  If you can help sort this out, let me know!


Exalted Milanthroo – South Qeynos (Everfrost writs)


Writ Name


A Place to Become
Kill Glacial Constructs
The Winds of Malice
Kill Skyshield Maidens
Need an Oppression
Kill Bighorn Sheep
Take the Reins
Kill Ice Wolves (solo)
Echoes of the Tribunal
Kill Frosthorn Vindicators


Partisan Keladerouo  (Celestial Watch) – North Qeynos (Cazic Thule writs)


Writ Name


Through Fog & Filth
Kill noxious masses
The Abyss of Thule
Kill spinechiller spiders
In Defense of Meritocracy
Kill putrid masses
Know Without Thinking
Kill Tae Ew defenders
Misery Unthinking
Kill Tae Ew gatherers


Knight Captain Steelgaze (Qeynos Guard) – North Qeynos (Feerott writs)


Writ Name


It's Just Your Imagination
Kill Thulian skaters
Unspeakable Malice
Kill Sattar abominations
It is the Soldier
Kill terror wraiths
Pillars of Perseverance
Kill constructs of Thule
We Pruned the Hedges
Kill fragrant demises

Versions of all these mobs soloable, just be careful you don't pick a heroic version of the mob!

Preservationist Reynolds – The Elddar Groves


Writ Name


Command the Elements to Silence
Kill ancient frostfins
Cataclysm Averted
Kill arctic monitors
One End Over Another
Kill bitterwind explorers (solo)
Encaged in Ice
Kill ice frights
No! I am the prettiest!
Kill ice maidens



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