A Collector's Guide to EverQuest 2

Collection Quests

We have all come across the little glowing “?” nodes scattered all over Norrath. These questions marks hold items that can be collected in different groups by examining them. This guide will help explain what items can be harvested from these glowing nodes and what items can be rewarded by collecting them.

When you start your character on the Isle of Refuge, there are 2 collection quests available. One is a shell collection and the other is a feather collection. Once you have finished collecting all of the necessary shells or feathers they can be turned in to NPC Rivicea Goldwind. She stands on the north beach not too far from thearchway.

To pick up a “?” node, simply place the cursor over it and double click. Look in your inventory and find the item. Right click it to see which quest or quests it might start or continue. You can choose to add the item to your collection, sell it to a NPC merchant for very little money, or put it on the market for any amount that you choose. If you decide to add the item to your collection it will disappear from inventory.
Tip: collection quests no longer take up regular quest space.

Isle of Refuge quests:













Reward:Collected Feather Necklace

Reward: Collected Shell Trinket

Collections Galore

Once you leave the Isle of Refuge and start exploring Norrath, you will continue to find "?" nodes in the non-town zones. These items will be different from the feathers and shells you collected on the Isle. The NPCs that reward you for collection quest completion are located in North Qeynos and East Freeport. Keep in mind that you will need to complete your citizenship quest before you can turn in any completed collections.

Some items you find are unique to certain zones or tiers while others can be found widely distributed. Some are harder to obtain, while some are quite common. The rule of thumb is, the higher tier the zone, the higher quality the collections. For example you will expect to find shattered bones in Oakmyst Forest and unscathed bones in Zek.

All collection quests yield experience. The more challenging the collection, the better the experience.

There are 5 types of shards and 5 types of bones.
There are 6 classes of shards and 18 races of bones.

Shard types

Bone types











Shard classes

Bone races




Dark Elf












Half Elf




High Elf
















Wood Elf

Shards and bones can be collected for type or class/race while other collected items will only be usable in one collection quest. For instance a plain blue butterfly can be only put into the Plain Butterfly Collection Quest, but a shattered shard of channeling can be used for both the Shattered Shard collection quest and the Channeling collection quest. The same rule applies to bones.

NOTE: Shard class collections and bone race collections

will yield more experience than shard and bone type collections.

Below you can find a very handy chart for reference and for keeping track of your characters’ collection quests.


Rewards and XP:

Collection quests give very good XP, especially with higher tier collections.

The items you get as rewards vary. Some quests only give a small amount of money while others can give a bag, neck or wrist item. The racial bone collection quests reward a player with Petrified <race> Eyes. For example, if you turn in a complete collection of High Elf bones, you will get a Petrified High Elf Eye. This item when equipped will enable your character to take on the appearance of that race. Note that it will not fool guards of the opposing city. They can see your allegiance.

When you use a Petrified Eye a bone fragment belonging to that specific race will be consumed from your inventory. This will even occur from your bank storage. If you do not have a corresponding bone fragment in your inventory when you try and use the Eye, it will not function. If you plan on equiping any petrified eyes and using them frequently, I recommend buying a number of "cheap" bones from the broker and keeping them with you for consumption. The illusion will last for as long as you are in the zone that it was cast from. If you are using an illusion and decide to zone, the illusion will come off as soon as the next zone loads and you will have to re-use the spell consuming another bone.


Shard type quests:

    • Chipped
    • Scuffed
    • Pristine
    • Shiny
    • Glowing

Rewards: Wrist items

Bracelet of Chipped Shards: 1 STA, min.level 4

Bracelet of Scuffed Shards: +8 Health +7 Power +16 vs. Divine +5 vs. Cold +16 vs. Mental, min. level 14

Braceletof Pristine Shards: +2 Strength +2 Stamina +5 Agility +16 Health +16 Power+60 vs. Divine +80 vs.Cold +60 vs.Mental, min. level 24

Bracelet of Shiny Shards: +2 Strength +6 Stamina +5Agility +23 Health +25 Power +168 vs.Divine +202 vs.Cold +67 vs.Mental, min. level 34

Braceletof Glowing Shards: +4 Strength +8 Stamina +6 Agility +26 Health +38Power +194 vs. Divine +290 vs.Cold +290 vs.Mental, min. level 44

Shard class quests:

    • Abjuration
    • Alteration
    • Channeling
    • Conjuration
    • Divination
    • Evocation

Rewards: Ear items

GatheredOrb of Abjuration:+5 Intelligence +5 Stamina+3 Wisdom +24 Power +24 Health +160 vs Disease +96 vs Divine +160 vs Magic, min. level 34

GatheredOrb of Alteration: +4 Stamina +4 Wisdom +5 Intelligence +23 Health +25Power +160 vs.Disease +96 vs. Divine +160 vs.Magic, min. level 34

GatheredOrb of Channeling: +5 Intelligence +5 Stamina +3 Wisdom +28 Health +20Power +160 vs Disease + 96 vs Divine+ 160 vs Magic, min. level 34

GatheredOrb of Conjuration: +4 Stamina +5 Wisdom +4 Intelligence +20 Health +28Power +120 vs. Divine +120 vs.Magic, min.level 34

GatheredOrb of Divination: +5 Stamina +4 Wisdom +4 Intelligence +26 Health +22Power +150 vs.Disease +120 vs. Divine +120 vs.Magic, min. level 34

GatheredOrb of Evocation: +4 Stamina +3 Wisdom +6 Intelligence +23 Health +25 Power+160 vs.Disease +160 vs. Divine +96 vs.Magic, min. level 34

Gathered orbs are a seperate collection quest.
Reward: Neck item

Necklaceof Flowing Orbs: +4 Strength +7 Stamina +11 Intelligence +39 Health +33Power +220 vs.Fire +264 vs.Cold+308 vs.Poison, min. level 34



Bone type quests:

    • Shattered
    • Cracked
    • Weathered
    • Unscathed
    • Enchanted

Rewards: Neck items

ShatteredBone Necklace: +1 Strength +1 Stamina +1 Intelligence +5 Health +5 Power, min. level 4

CrackedBone Necklace: +9 vs poison +4 vs cold +3 sta +9 health +3 vs heat +3 int +3 str, min. level 14

WeatheredBone Necklace: +4 Strength +4 Stamina +4 Intelligence +20 Health +20 Power+84 vs.Fire +67 vs.Cold +50vs.Poison, min. level 24

Unscathed Bone Necklace: details still pending. min. level 34

EnchantedBone Necklace: +8 Strength +8 Stamina +8 Intelligence +40 Health +40 Power+290 vs.Fire +387 vs.Cold+194 vs.Poison, min. level 44


Bone race quests:

    • Barbarian

    • Dark Elf
    • Dwarf
    • Erudite
    • Froglok
    • Gnoll
    • Gnome
    • Half Elf
    • Halfling
    • High Elf
    • Human
    • Iksar
    • Kerra
    • Ogre
    • Orc
    • Ratonga
    • Troll
    • Wood Elf

Rewards: Petrified <race> Eyes.
There are no stats on this item which can be equipped in the activatable slot in your inventory.


Butterfly Quests:
Items found in Tier One zones in Qeynos.

When you complete your collection of plain, spotted, or striped butterflies, turn them in for a small amount of copper and experience. as another part of the reward you receive a box of butterflies. When you have collected all 3 boxes, turn those in for a larger amount of experience and a ring.

Reward: Finger item

ButterflyWing Ring, +1 int,+1 str, +1 wis, +5 health,+10 power, +16 vs disease, +11 vsheat, +11 vs mental, AC 21, min. level 14


Moth Quests:
Items found in Tier One zones in Freeport


These are exactly like the butterfly quests, but yield the following finger item.

Reward: Finger item

MothWing Ring, +1 Strength +1 Stamina +1Agility +10 Health +5 Power +16 vs.Fire +16 vs.Disease +16 vs.Mental, AC 18,min. level 14


Beetle Quests:

The first three listed are only found in the Wailing Caves. The iridescent beetels spawn in the Ruins of Varsoon.

    • Plain
    • Spotted
    • Striped
    • Iridescent

Reward: Coin and XP


Spider Quests:

Items found only in Stormhold.

    • Plain
    • Spotted
    • Striped

Reward: Coin and XP


Ant Quests:

Items found onlyin Thundering Steppes.

    • Plain
    • Spotted
    • Striped

Reward: some coin and exp.


Leaf Quests:

Shrub (Commonlands)
Reward: 12 slot bag

Ficus (Antonica)
Reward: 12 slot bag.

Pine Needle (Nektulos)
Reward: 18 slot bag.

Maple (Enchanted Lands, Rivervale, Runnyeye)
Reward: 20 slot bag.

Fern (Feerrott)
Reward: 20 slot bag.


Coin Quests:

Erudin (Antonica)
Reward: AncientErudin Scroll

Grobb (Fallen Gate)
Reward: Ancient Grobb Scroll

Neriak (Fallen Gate, Lavastorm)
Reward: Ancient Neriak Scroll

Rivervale (Rivervale, Enchanted Lands, Runnyeye)
Reward: Ancient Rivervale Scroll

Halas (Blackburrow)
Reward: Ancient Halas Scroll

Oggok (Feerrott)
Reward: Ancient Oggok Scroll

These scrolls can be placed in your house for status reduction.


The Bloodline Chronicles:

Collection Quest

Plain Mushrooms:

    • Broken
    • Delectable
    • Small
    • Large
    • Rotten
    • Dried

Reward: Mushroom Circlet (house item).


Bloodstone Shards:

    • Shattered
    • Cracked
    • Scuffed
    • Cloudy
    • Clear
    • Pristine

Reward: Bloodstone Shard (house item).


Vampire Fangs:

    • Shattered
    • Cracked
    • Dull
    • Sharp
    • Gleaming
    • Pristine

Reward: Hellhound Puppy (house pet).


Grinnin Bones:

    • Shattered
    • Cracked
    • Weathered
    • Unscathed
    • Enchanted
    • Gleaming

Reward: Grinnin Bones (house item).


Sundered Splitpaw:

Collection Quest

These collection nodes can be found at the bottom levels of various Splitpaw zones, most notably the Upper Tunnels.

Splitpaw Coins

    • Dull
    • Glittering
    • Glowing
    • Rusty
    • Scuffed
    • Shiny

Reward: Gold and experience.


Gnoll Ears

    • Mangled
    • Pierced
    • Tattered
    • Torn

Reward: gold and experience.

Desert of Flames Expansion: Collection Quests

Please follow this link to view the new collection quests introduced with the DoF expansion pack:
DoF Collection Quests


If there are any missing quests or data, please email us with any corrections/additions you may have.

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