Lore and Legend

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Lore & Legend Quests

Evil Eye
Shadowed Man


Aviak - First Flight
Location: Barren Sky (Whisperwind)

On the Whisperwind island, near the portal, there will be a series of climbing walls that will take you to the upper level.  Up here you will find a clickable root that highlights when you hover your cursor over it, near the wall, (-639, +7, -532).  Examine it to receive the book, then read the book to get the quest.

Quest Updates:
Aviak Eye
Aviak Heart
Aviak Spirit
Lore Items:
Aviak Feather
Aviak Beak
Aviak Tongue
Aviak Talon
Aviak Gizzard

Picture Coming Soon 
Reward: First Flight (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Talon of the Aviaks

Bixie - Know Your Bixies
Location: Tower of Draftling (Nekulos Forest to Enchanted Lands to Rivervale to Tower of Draftling)
Picture to Come Soon.

Once inside the tower of Draftling make only right hand turns until you pass the first large room, Keep making right turns until you get to the book room. The bookshelf is high on the wall that you have to climb up to get. The Location is -120, +80, +50. Click the Bookshelf and receive the Bixie Book.

Quest Updates:
Bixie Spirit
Bixie Heart
Bixie Brain
Lore Items:
Bixie Eye
Bixie Wing
Bixie Leg
Bixie Thorax
Bixie Stinger

Picture to Come Soon. Reward: Know Your Bixies (Book)
Reward: Trophy: The Honey Sting

Brownie - Travels into a Remote Corner of Faydark
Location: Lower Faydark

In Lesser Faydark head to the Lower Grove Station. Inside a tent at -89, -55, -202 you'll find a clickable mat. Brownies are only found in Lower Faydark.

Quest Updates:
Brownie Eye
Brownie Skull
Brownie Spirit
Lore Items:
Brownie Tooth
Brownie Heart
Brownie Pancreas
Brownie Finger
Brownie Ear

Picture Coming Soon Reward: Travels in a Remote Corner of Faydark Know Your Bixies (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Brownie Toothpick Stabber

Bugbear - Dancing with Bugbears
Location: Kaladim

In Kaladim head directly in to the central area (this will not be easy without invis). Find a clickable mine cart at 38, 27, -281 to get your tome. Bugbears can be found in Kaladim and the Butcherblock Mountains.

Quest Updates:
Bugbear Spirit
Bugbear Brainl
Bugbear Ear
Lore Items:
Bugbear Claw
Bugbear Eye
Bugbear Hand
Bugbear Ribcage
Bugbear Tusk

Picture Coming Soon Reward: Dancing with Bugbears (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Bugbear Basher
Burynai - The Tales of the Burynai
Location: Fens of Nathsar

The book is found within the building at Omen's Call in the Fens of Nathsar. The box is on the other side of the wall that you see upon entering the Inn (loc: 217, -60, -288). Burynai are mostly found in Fens of Nathsar near the Field of Bones.

Quest Updates:
Burynai Spirit
Burynai Snout
Burynai Chipped Claw
Lore Items:
Burynai Paw
Burynai Eye
Burynai Tooth
Burynai Brain
Burynai Patch of Fur

Picture Coming Soon Reward: Tales of the Burynai
Reward: Trophy: Bugbear Digger

Centaur - A History Of The Centaur
Location: Thundering Steppes
Centaur Book Location
Once in Thundering Steppes head to Thundermist Village location approximately 600, 0, -100. Once here look for the long house across from the barn on the north side of the village. Enter and go to the right. You will see Minty Frostbeard click on the bottom bunk of the bed to your right at location 597, 1.8, 146.6 to receive the A History of the Centaur.

Quest Updates:
Centaur Heart
Centaur Brain
Centaur Spirit
Lore Items:
Centaur Hoof
Centaur Eye
Centaur Hand
Centaur Mane
Centaur Ear
Trophy: Obrel's Gambit
Reward: A History Of The Centaur (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Obrel's Gambit

Clockwork - Motor Commotion all for Emotion
Location: Steamfont Mountains
Centaur Book Location
Once in Steamfont Mountains head to the western end of the zone, near the Klak'Anon entrance. If you are heading towards Klak'Anon off the trail on the right side (-336, 94, 1368) you'll find a clickable cog which will provide you with the book you need. Clockworks can be found in the Steamfont Mountains, or Klak'Anon.

Quest Updates:
Clockwork Motivator
Clockwork Cog
Clockwork Coil
Lore Items:
Clockwork Spring
Clockwork Fuel Cell
Clockwork Thingamajig
Clockwork Occular Device
Bottle of Clockwork Grease
Picture Coming Soon
Reward: Motor Commotion for all Emotion (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Clockwork Cog

Cyclops - The Eye of Night
Location: Sinking Sands
Skeleton Book Location

Look for rocks to spawn in the Terrorantula area in the Sinking Sands. (-900, -750). There will be many rock spawns. Only one set of rocks will be clickable. It will glow if you mouse over the correct one.

Quest Updates:
Cyclops Brain
Cyclops Eye
Cyclops Heart
Lore Items:
Cyclops Tooth
Cyclops Spine
Cyclops Tongue
Cyclops Ear
Cyclops Toe

Reward: The Eye of Night (Book)
Reward: Trophy: The Gouger

DJinn - The Weight of the Past
Location: Pillars of Flame

In Pillars of Flame, go visit the Ashen Order camp. There should be a clickable scroll at (+48, -1400) in this area.

Quest Updates:
Djinn Spirit
Djinn Brain
Djinn Heart
Lore Items:
Djinn Hand
Djinn Topknot
Djinn Smoke Wisp
Djinn Humerous
Djinn Clavicle

Reward: The Weight of the Past (Book)
Reward: Trophy: The Master's Crown
Di'Zok - Atrebe's Sniveling Children
Location: Kunzar Jungle

This is a tough one to get to if your early to mid 70s, but worth making the trek for! Find this book just outside the Sebilis entrance to the south. You'll see a couple of barrels and a chest, the book is inside the chest. (loc -588, -99, 988). Di'Zokians can be found all over the Rise of Kunark expansion.

Quest Updates:
Di'Zok Spine
Di'Zok Spirit
Di'Zok Brain
Lore Items:
Di'Zok Horn
Di'Zok Claw
Di'Zok Skin
Di'Zok Tail
Di'Zok Heart

Image coming soon
Reward: Atrebe's Sniveling Children
Reward: Trophy: Sarnak Fanged Blade
Drachnid - Mayong's Cruelty: the Drachnids
Location: Kylong Plains

The drachnid book is found inside the caves of the Den of the Widow Mistress found east of the Kylong Plains docks. (loc: 413, 64, 193). Drachnids can be found all over the same area.

Quest Updates:
Drachnid Blood
Drachnid Carapace
Drachnid Hair
Lore Items:
Drachnid Hand
Drachnid Leg
Drachnid Head
Drachnid Spinneret
Drachnid Silk

Image coming soon
Reward: Mayong's Cruelty: the Drachnids
Reward: Trophy: Drachnid Claw Piercer

Drakota - Drakota
Location: Tenebrous Tangle (Temple Grounds)

The Temple Grounds is the first island in the Tenebrous Tangle that you come to when you come through the spires in Antonica or the Commonlands.  Travel up the river to just outside the Temple of the Scale, and on the east side at the waterfall, there will be a clickable step.  Inspect the step to receive the Drakota Book, then read the book to get the quest.

Quest Updates:
Drakota Heart
Drakota Spirit
Drakota Flame
Lore Items:
Drakota Claw
Drakota Tooth
Drakota Scale
Drakota Eye
Drakota Tongue

Pic Coming Soon 
Reward: Drakota (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Veeshan's Thorn

Droag - Scales in Balance
Location: Tenebrous Tangle (Temple Grounds)

Upon the Temple Grounds, an island within the Tenebrous Triangle, you will find the book that starts the Droag Lore & Legend quest.  To get the book you need to examine a stone bench just northwest of the tree house located next to the river (103, 13).  You will see stone ruins, plagued by gorgs, on the south end of these ruins, you will find the clickable bench.  Once you have your book, read it to receive the quest. Droags are found in all three Kingdom of Sky zones.

Quest Updates:
Droag Skull
Droag Essence
Droag Vitality
Lore Items:
Droag Jaw
Droag Hide
Droag Horn
Droag Ribcage
Droag Tooth

Pic Coming Soon 
Reward: Scales in Balance (Book)
Reward: Trophy: The Scaler
Efreeti - The Efreeti Scimitar

Find the book that begins the Efreeti Lore and Legend quest in Lavastorm. You go east out of the cave from the docks to Najena's Valley. Over the first bridge you will find a hut surrounded by goblins.. Inside the hut you need to retrieve the book from the bench. (loc -553, -118, 460). Read the book and get the quest!

Quest Updates:
Efreeti Spirit
Efreeti Swirling Smoke
Efreeti Wish Fragment
Lore Items:
Efreeti Shattered Lamp
Efreeti Broken Shackle
Efreeti Silken Sash
Efreeti Ancient Promise
Efreeti Oily Essence

Elemental - Summoning an Elemental
Elemental Book Location - Qeynos
South Qeynos: Go into the mage tower and take the red portal. Walk inside and take the stairs downward. At the bottom there is a tall stack of books underneath the stairs at location 711.8, 42.5, 100. Click it to receive Summoning an Elemental.

Quest Updates:
Elemental Essence Anchor
Elemental Material Boundry
Elemental Manifest Material
Lore Items:
Elemental Essence Well
Elemental Planar Seed
Elemental Binding Rune
Elemental Summoned Core
Elemental Facination Rune
Elemental Book - Freeport
North Freeport: Go to the Academy of Arcane Science Look for a blue book near to the NPC named Scribe Claudia Quarto at location 21, -6, -122.25. Click it to Receive Summoning an Elemental.

Quest Updates:
Elemental Essence Anchor
Elemental Material Boundry
Elemental Manifest Material
Lore Items:
Elemental Essence Well
Elemental Planar Seed
Elemental Binding Rune
Elemental Summoned Core
Elemental Facination Rune
Trophy: Vhoren's Seed
Reward: Summoning an Elemental (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Vhoren's Seed

Evil Eye - Evil Eye Musings
Location: Runnyeye (Nekulos Forest to Enchanted Lands to Runnyeye)
Evil Eye Book Location
From the Entrance follow the path to the left. Follow the way until you have the option to go straight or make a right. Continue on straight in this next room you will see a pit of mud and some golems. This is the room you want. On the far side of this room there is a wheelbarrow type object or crate that is clickable at location -21.8, 1, -57.2 and contains Evil Eye Musings.
Quest Updates:
Evil Eye Lens
Evil Eye Rod
Evil Eye Cone
Lore Items:
Evil Eye Enchantment
Evil Eye Binding
Evil Eye Cornea
Evil Eye Pupil
Evil Eye Malicious Gaze
Trophy: Mezmith's Chance
Reward: Evil Eye Musings (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Mezmith's Chance

Fairy - The Precious Fairy Book
Location: Nektropos Castle (Nekulos Forest to Nektropos Castle)
Picture to Come Soon. Once inside you need to work on the Everling locket quest to advance. You need to go to the Library under the sisters bedrooms. Once inside go into the hidden room with a door like a bookcase. On the table is the Fairy Book.
Quest Updates:
Fairy Spirit
Fairy Brain
Fairy Heart
Lore Items:
Fairy Ear
Fairy Eye
Fairy Wing
Fairy Dust Jar
Fairy Essence
Trophy: The Darkmoon Crescent
Reward: The Precious Fairy Book (Book)
Reward: Trophy: The Darkmoon Crescent

Ghost - The Haunting
Location: Nektropos Castle (Nekulos Forest to Nektropos Castle)
Ghost Book Location
Once inside head straight forward take the door on your left, there will be a broken staircase in front of you. Continue around it to the door on your right as you entered. From here take the 2nd door on your left. Either the bookcase to your left at location -19.2, 0, -62.1 or the pile of books on your right at location -24, 0.26, -61.6 contains The Haunting.

Quest Updates:
Ghost Dream Shard
Ghost Ectoplasm
Ghost Haunted Fragment
Lore Items:
Ghost Ethereal Strand
Ghost Phantasmal Echo
Ghost Remnant Memory
Ghost Emotion Resonance
Ghost Vile Plasma
Trophy: Shattersong
Reward: The Haunting (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Shattersong

Giant - Know Your Giants
Location: Thundering Steppes
Giant Book Location
Take the griffin to Steppes station, head west along the south wall toward Black Burrow. Take the entrance to Thundering Steppes that can be found under the waterfall. Once in Thundering Steppes you will see a gnoll camp on your left. On the ground you will see a brown sleeping bag at location 1395.7, -0.5, -392.2. Click it and you will receive the Know Your Giants.

Quest Updates:
Giant Spirit
Giant Eye
Giant Heart
Lore Items:
Giant Toe
Giant Finger
Giant Tooth
Giant Wisker
Giant Ear
Trophy: Lady Fiana's Gentle Suggestion
Reward: Know Your Giants (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Lady Fiana's Gentle Suggestion

Gnoll - Know Your Gnolls
Location: Antonica
Gnoll Book Location
This book can be found inside the gnollslayers keep. Take the griffin to Steppes station. Look to the north and you can see the Keep of the Gnollslayers. Enter the building and to your left you will see a trunk. Click the Trunk at location -2110, -44, 432 to Receive Know Your Gnolls.
Quest Updates:
Gnoll Spirit
Gnoll Heart
Gnoll Brain
Lore Items:
Gnoll Ear
Gnoll Eye
Gnoll Paw
Gnoll Tooth
Gnoll Tail
Trophy: Hogran's Halberd
Reward: Know Your Gnolls (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Hogran's Halberd

Goblin - Live Among The Goblins
Location: Enchanted Lands (Nekulos Forest to Enchanted Lands)
Goblin Book Location
Head along the shore to the west, once you get to the wall follow it north. When you arrive at a hole in the wall, there will be a room on each the north and south side of it. Go into the north one and click on the drawers located along the wall at location 238, 5.6, -274.6 to Receive Live Among The Goblins.

Quest Updates:
Goblin Spirit
Goblin Brain
Goblin Heart
Lore Items:
Goblin Eye
Goblin Ear
Goblin Claw
Goblin Tooth
Goblin Spine
Trophy: The Tickler
Reward: Live Among The Goblins (Book)
Reward: Trophy: The Tickler

Golem - Know Your Golems
Location: Ruins of Varsoon (Thundering Steppes to Ruins of Varsoon)
Golem Book Location
Go follow around until you get to the Weaving room aka where the tomb of Life spawns. Follow the stairs up into a small square library. You will see a bookcase on the floor at the far end of the room with a thick blue book. Click it to receive the Golem Book.
Quest Updates:
Golem Ambulatory Fragment
Golem Core Shard
Golem Essence TrapLore Items:
Golem Motivate Prism
Golem Corporeal Shell
Golem Sentience Leash
Golem Animating Force
Golem Obedience Chain
Trophy: Earthblade
Reward: Know Your Golems (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Earthblade

Harpy - Windsister's Song
Location: Pillars of Flame
Skeleton Book Location
Fly to Maj'Dul and walk into the Tower of the Moon. Walk up to the second floor and look on the table to the left. There should be a scroll on the table that you can click on. (+8, +11).

Quest Updates:
Harpy Wing
Harpy Heart
Harpy Brain
Lore Items:
Harpy Claw
Harpy Scale
Harpy Foot
Harpy Tongue
Harpy Skin

Reward: Windsister's Song (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Claws of Hadil

Kobold - Kobold Runed Claws
Location: Butcherblock Mountains
Skeleton Book Location
As you get off the boat head to the right side of the building and look for a bookcase inside a tent. (757, 26, 588). Kobolds can be found in Butcherblock Mountains, Kaladim, and Steamfont Mountains.

Quest Updates:
Kobold Fur
Kobold Claw
Kobold Spirit
Lore Items:
Kobold Fang
Kobold Kidney
Kobold Ear
Kobold Paw
Kobold Heart
Picture Coming Soon
Reward: The Prophetic Mystery (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Kobold Runed Claws

Lizardman - Tales Of The Alliz Ew
Location: The Temple of Cazic Thule (Thundering Steppes to Feerrott to Temple of Cazic Thule)
Lizardman Book Location
Enter the temple on the ground floor and take the first right you can. Continue to the dead end and take the left path. Continue straight and follow the tunnel to the right. Enter the next room and take the door on the right. Now you should have the option to either go straight into a very large room or take a left  into a square room. Enter the square room and take the door on your left. This  is another square room, the room containing the book as a matter of fact. Against the far wall you can find the book toward the right hand side. Click the book to receive Tales of the Alliz Ew. Location at 70, 0, -35.
Quest Updates:
Lizardman Spirit
Lizardman Heart
Lizardman Brain
Lore Items:
Lizardman Tail
Lizardman Eye
Lizardman Claw
Lizardman Tooth
Lizardman Scale
Trophy: Sunder, The Hand of Zek Reward: Tales Of The Alliz Ew (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Sunder, The Hand of Zek

Minotaur - A Dwarf's Guide to Surviving a Minotaur Attack
Location: Steamfont Mountains
Skeleton Book Location

Head to the Southeastern portion of Steamfont Mountains and look for a hill with a large skeleton on it. Near that hill in the middle of a bunch of..guess what? Kobolds. There you will find a skeleton next to a campfire (-832, 70, 1588). Minotaurs are found in the Steamfont Mountains only.

Quest Updates:
Minotaur Spirit
Minotaur Hoof
Minotaur Brain
Lore Items:
Minotaur Horn Fragment
Minotaur Ribcage
Minotaur Stomach
Minotaur Tooth
Minotaur Hand

Picture Not Available
Reward: A Dwarf's Guide to Surviving a Minotaur Attack (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Minotaur Protection Symbol

Naga - The First Wife's Tale
Location: Stormhold (Antonica to Stormhold)
Skeleton Book Location

Find the scroll in Pillars of Flame (+45, -1200). This scroll should be found in the Ashen Order camp.

Quest Updates:
Naga Scale
Naga Heart
Naga Scale
Lore Items:
Naga Tongue
Naga Bitterness
Naga Spirit
Naga Spine
Naga Tail Tip

Picture Not Available
Reward: The First Wife's Tale (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Samirah's Scepter


Nightblood - The Nightblood
Location: Rivervale (Nekulos Forest to Enchanted Lands to Rivervale)
NightBlood Book Location
Once here follow the path to either the left or the right it doesn’t matter. Ignore the first path you come to. Continue on. Until the next branch off of the path (same path from either side) Follow that path for a few feet until you see a building. This is called the Loom. Inside the first room on left side will be a bookshelf. Click the bookshelf at location -195, -19, -19.3 to receive The Nightblood.

Quest Updates:
Nightblood Heart of Darkness
Nightblood Forged Horn
Nightblood Doom Essence
Lore Items:
Nightblood Darkened Blood
Nightblood Hoof
Nightblood Tooth
Nightblood Inferno
Nightblood Shackle

Trophy: THe Bloodlathe
Reward: The Nightblood (Book)
Reward: Trophy: The Bloodlathe

Orc - Orc Society
Location: The Commonlands
Orc Book Location
Go to the location known as the crossroads. Go inside the building at location -430, 0, -280. Face the doorway and you will see a shield to your left. Click it to receive Orc Society.
An additional location is in Crushbone Keep off of Greater Faydark. Just inside (at approx 19, 0, 51) you'll see a clickable weapons rack.
Quest Updates:
Orc Spirit
Orc Brain
Orc Heart
Lore Items:
Orc Eye
Orc Skin
Orc Spine
Orc Tooth
Orc Ear
Trophy: Fellfeather
Reward: Orc Society (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Fellfeather
Ravasect - Into the Hive
Location: The Bonemire

On the first island in the Bonemire you'll find the Hive Vornerus. Just west of the hive in the water are a gather of large rocks and searching these should give you the Ravasect book. (loc 229, 62, 958).
Auto Updates:
Ravasect Mandible
Ravasect Forearm
Ravasect Gaster
Lore Items:
Ravasect Leg
Ravasect Foot
Ravasect Antenna
Ravasect Eye
Ravasect Pincer

Pic coming soon
Reward: Into the Hive
Reward: Trophy: Mandibles of Night

Shadowed Man - On The Origins Of Shadowed Men
Shadowed Men Book Location - Qeynos
South Qeynos: Go into the mage tower and take the red portal. Walk inside and take the stairs downward. At the bottom there is a table, on the table is a large book at location 711.3, 42, 108.5. Click it to receive On the Origins of Shadowed Men.

Quest Updates:
Shadowed Man Spirit
Shadowed Man Shadowed Heart
Shadowed Man Collected Darkness
Lore Items:
Shadowed Man Aspect of Shadow
Shadowed Man Vortex Ripple
Shadowed Man Void Kernel
Shadowed Man Swirling Shadow
Shadowed Man Planar Fiber
Shadow Man Book - Freeport
North Freeport: Go to the Academy of Arcane Science. Take the Lift up. On the table here select the big book at location 5.75, 8.5, -118.25 and recieve On the Origins of Shadowed Men.

Quest Updates:
Shadowed Man Spirit
Shadowed Man Shadowed Heart
Shadowed Man Collected Darkness
Lore Items:
Shadowed Man Aspect of Shadow
Shadowed Man Vortex Ripple
Shadowed Man Void Kernel
Shadowed Man Swirling Shadow
Shadowed Man Pla
Trophy: The Pendulum
Reward: On The Origins Of Shadowed Men (Book)
Reward: Trophy: The Pendulum

Siren - The Siren's Song
Location: Enchanted Lands (Nekulos Forest to Enchanted Lands)
Siren Book Location
There is a building right here on the docks. Head inside, and go to the little room in the back. Click the desk at location 49.2, 1.5, 38.5 to receive The Siren's Song.

Quest Updates:
Siren Heart
Siren Brain
Siren Shriek
Lore Items:
Siren Wail
Siren Song
Siren Scale
Siren Eye
Siren Fin
Trophy: Gokra Gesh's Snare
Reward: The Siren's Song (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Gokra Gesh's Snare

Skeleton - Skeletons
Location: Stormhold (Antonica to Stormhold)
Skeleton Book Location
Go into stormhold you will need to take the portal to the ‘Library’. Once in the library follow the wall to the right. Until you can face the door you entered from. On the ground there will be a green book that has fallen to the ground from the knocked over bookcase at location -117.8, -31.5, -149.5. Click it to receive Skeletons.

Quest Updates:
Skeleton Essence
Skeleton Skull
Skeleton Ribcage
Lore Items:
Skeleton Arm
Skeleton Leg
Skeleton Objuritory Hunger
Skeleton Reanimation Rune
Skeleton Sorrow Core
Trophy: Sir Altan's Strike
Reward: Skeletons (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Sir Altan's Strike

Treant - Treants
Location: Nekulos Forest
Treant Book Location
Go to the Docks and follow the shore southerly. You want the camp furthest south that forms a ring of tents. Of this ring you are looking for the Northern most tent that faces the ocean. Go inside and you will find a chest at location 555.5, -0.6, -181.4 that contains Treants.
Quest Updates:
Treant Heart
Treant Spirit
Treant Vial Of Sap
Lore Items:
Treant Bark
Treant Eye
Treant Leaf
Treant Root
Treant Branch
Trophy: The Lumberjack
Reward: Treants (Book)
Reward: Trophy: The Lumberjack

Werewolves - Smiting of the Werewolf
Location: Loping Plains
Treant Book Location

Head to the village of Somborn in Loping Plains. As you walk into town look to your left, and inside that building you will find a bookshelf (-443, 8, -52) containg the book you need. Werewolves are found pretty much only in Loping Plains.

Quest Updates:
Werewolf Eye
Werewolf Ear
Werewolf Spirit
Lore Items:
Werewolf Fur
Werewolf Fang
Werewolf Spine
Werewolf Claw
Werewolf Jaw

Picture Coming Soon
Reward: Smiting of the Werewolves (Book)
Reward: Trophy: Silbern's Sword
Yha-Lei - The Coming of the True Creator
Location: Fens of Nathsar

The Yha-Lei book is found in the Fens of Nathsar in the waters of the Lake of Ill Omen. Look near the ruins (loc: 361, -135, 643) under the water. You'll see a stone tomb with a skeleton on top, click the skeleton. Yha-Lei are found all around the ruins near the book.

Quest Updates:
Yha-lei Fin
Yha-lei Spirit
Yha-lei Brain
Lore Items:
Yha-lei Webbed Hand
Yha-lei Eye
Yha-lei Scale
Yha-lei Tooth
Yha-lei Skin

Image coming soon
Reward: The Coming of the True Creator
Reward: Trophy: Yha-lei Briney Poker

Zombie - Zatirre’s First Zombie
Location: Fallen Gate (Commonlands to Fallen Gate)
Zombie Book Location
First you must complete the fallen gate access quest. This can be done solo around level 20. Then you must enter fallen gate and go to the location known as the marketplace. Upon entering, follow the left wall all the way around. If you follow the wall to your left you cannot miss the Marketplace. You will find a vase between two tents. Click the vase at location 176.1, 19.7, -43.5 to receive Zatirre's First Zombie.

Quest Updates:
Zombie Grotesque Visage
Zombie Degenerated Vitae
Zombie Reanimating EssenceLore Items:
Zombie Rotted Flesh
Zombie Flesh Covered Bones
Zombie Necrotic Skin
Zombie Decomposing Innards
Zombie Corrupted Brain
Trophy: D'Vorlian's Crudgel
Reward: Zatirre’s First Zombie (Book)
Reward: Trophy: D'Vorlian's Crudgel


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