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"Blackburrow" Zone Guide Blackburrow Level 1

"Blackburrow" Zone Guide

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  • Guide: Savanja
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Blackburrow is one of my favorite zones.  Having spent time in Blackburrow in old Norrath (EQ1), I was so excited to see the place that I loved, survived the shattering, and in nearly the same footprint as it had previously.

Blackburrow is a typical dungeon, set up in the typical dungeon style.  Easier mobs are located to the front, while the harder, more challenging mobs are deeper inside.  This zone is packed full with gnolls, spiders, and other little creatures roaming about, and is a great place to spend some time in your early levels.


Minimum Level

There are no level requirements for Blackburrow, but this zone is best suited for levels 10-20 for both solo play and groups.


Connecting Zones

Long ago, Blackburrow used to be connected to Everfrost and the Qeynos Hills.  Nowadays, all the entrances lead to and from Antonica.



"Gnoll Brew?" - This quest comes from Assistant Wilabus, found in the spider caves through the underwater tunnel.  Wilabus asks you to fetch him a jug of brew (loc +36, -39, +70) from the gnoll's brewery.  Return to Wilabus for your reward!  Reward:  Experience, 5s, and 3 agate geode.

"Rare Rocks Lost" - Geologist Fribden, found in the spider caves through the underwater tunnel, sends you on a mission to collect rock samples.  The rock samples can be found in the mines on the gnoll miners and excavators.  Collect all the samples, and return them back to Fribden.  Reward: Experience, and your choice of bracelet, earring, or necklace.

"A Filthy Bronze Key" - This key, and a few others, are rare drops from the gnolls of Blackburrow.  Each key goes to a chest, and when you find that chest and unlock it, you are rewarded with an item.  All the chests are found in the room with the stockpile protectors (loc +10, -15, +74).  Reward: Hide Cloak.  The following are other keys that can be found off of the gnolls:

  • "A Tarnished Silver Key" - Reward: Polished Darkpaw chain boots.
  • "A Polished Steel Key" - Reward:  Gnollpaw Talisman.
  • "A Grubby Bone Key" - Reward:   Turquoise Orb.

"Orcish Manacles" - This quest comes from handcuffs dropped from the gnolls.  The chest for the keys to unlock them are located in the room with the stockpile protectors (loc +13, -14, +73).  Reward:  Orcish manacle.


Solo Opportunities

The best solo spot is on the top level of Blackburrow.  Anything further in is heroic.  I did have a lot of personal luck going into the zone, as little higher level, either as solo and as a duo, and killing green and blue con heroics.  You can make great experience that way, and still enjoy the dungeon loot, even if you don't have a full group.


Group Opportunities

Blackburrow, as a zone, is one giant grouping opportunity.  This entire zone is very clearly geared for grouping, and you cannot go wrong here if you have a nice sized group.  You can either camp one of the many rooms in the caves, or you can roam around, killing as you go.  The spawn rates of the mobs are very reasonable, so you always have time to clear an area before things start re-popping.  Blackburrow is a favorite grouping spot for the teen levels, and worth grabbing a few friends and checking it out!


Thank for reading Ten Ton Hammer's Blackburrow guide!  If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me!

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