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Swashbuckler Main Page & Credits
1.0 - Swashbuckler Basics
2.0 - Complete Spell List & Training Spells
3.0 - Methods & Techniques
4.0 - Where to Hunt

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The Swaggering Swashbuckler

The premier class guide for the Swashbuckler!

A swashbuckler, in general terms, is thought of as an adventurous swordsman.
Some think of them as flashy, outspoken, over-confident rogues making women swoon as they pass. Others may think of swashbucklers as loud, swaggering ruffians, good with a sword similar to the "Pirates of the Carribean" character Jack Sparrow. Either way you look at it, their choice of home is Qeynos, away from Lucan D'Lere's dictating rule.

A Quick Tour

Section 1: Swashbuckler Basics explores choices you'll make early in the game, and how best to fight once you begin receiving your swashbuckler combat arts.
Section Section 2: Spell List & Training Spells presents all the spells and combat arts (CA) you'll receive as you progress in level (except for Creature Mastery and Racial Traits).
Section 3: Methodology offers some hints as to which spells to upgrade, and provides an in-depth analysis of your CA lines. Finally,
Section 4: Where to Hunt suggests (you guessed it!) some favorite hunting grounds while soloing or in a group.


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