Shadowknight Class Guide

Shadowknight Guide Index

Shadowknight Guide Index

Shadowknight Main Page & Credits
1.0 - Shadowknight Basics
2.0 - Combat Arts, Spells List & Training Spells
3.0 - Methods & Techniques
4.0 - Where to Hunt

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The Sinister Shadowknight

The premier class guide for the Shadowknight Class!

The cruel crusaders of all that is unholy!  Not only do the Shadowknights wield a blade as well as any fighter, they also have the arcane training to draw life from the enemy, call upon the undead, and use horrific disease to gain the advantage.  The Shadowknights fight for a cause.  They fight not for peace, but for terror and death, maliciously sucking the life force from any being bold enough to stand in their way.

The Shadowknights are another very fun plate wearing class that gives you the added benefit of life taps, wards, damage over time and direct damage spells.  They are a fighter that appeals to the player who want more of a variety in the way that they do damage.  There is something very satisfying in being able to slice at your opponent with your sword, and cast a worthy nuke.  If you have that desire to be a warrior and a caster, this is definitely the class for you.

A Quick Tour

Section 1: Shadowknight Basics Gives some insight to your new class, racial choices, and getting started.
Section 2: Combat Arts, Spells List & Training Spells
A complete list of combat arts and spells from levels 1-80, including your training spells (Master 2 choices).
Section 3: Methodology
Combat Art and Spell lines, techniques and combat advice. 
Section 4: Where to Hunt
The hot spots for hunting!


  • Savanja, the guide robot
  • Brokain, Shadowknight of Kithicor
  • Your name here If you have a Shadowknight, feel free to send me the info, I'll be sure to give you the credit.

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  • 05.02.08 (guide updated!)

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  • Add armor quest info

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