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Dirge Guide Index

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1.0 - Dirge Basics
2.0 - Combat Arts List & Training Spells
3.0 - Methods & Techniques
4.0 - Where to Hunt

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The Dashing Dirge

The premier class guide for the Dirge Class!

The dirge is a very mysterious, yet very alluring, bard class that roams the land using his enchanting songs to prey upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of Norrath.

With the most appealing combination of defensive and offensive abilities, the dirge is a one of a kind class that will not only make you the most popular scout on your server if you are well skilled, but it will also give you the sense of gratification that you are walking amongst players that truly desire to have your unique talents amongst their ranks.

Whether you choose to play your dirge solo, within a group, or in PvP combat, you will not fail to leave your mark on the world, and a trail of fallen corpses in your wake.

This guide will help lead you on your path as a dirge.  We hope to give you insightful advice whether you be someone thinking of playing this class or are an experienced player just browsing for a little more information on your dirge.  

Below is a brief overview of the sections that you will find in this guide.  And as always, if you have something that you would like to add, I am always interested in hearing what you have to say.  Dirges are very welcome to drop me an e-mail and let me know what they would like to see in this guide, or perhaps add some of their own tips and tricks for playing their class.  And as always, I will give full credit to any one that wishes to contribute to any of our guides.

A Quick Tour

Section 1: Dirge Basics Gives some insight to your new class, racial choices, and getting started.
Section 2: Combat Arts & Training Spells
A complete list of combat art from levels 1-70, including your training spells (Master 2 choices).
Section 3: Methodology
A little bit of information on what being a dirge is all about, and a break down of the dirge spell lines.
Section 4: Where to Hunt
Advice on where to take your dirge for experience and fun!
Dirge and Bard Achievements can be found with our Achievements Guide.


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Thanks for reading the's dirge guide! If you have any questions or comments, toss me an email: [email protected] or post it on our forums!

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