Berserker Class Guide

Berserker Guide Index

Berserker Guide Index

Berserker Main Page & Credits
1.0 - Berserker Basics
2.0 - Combat Arts List & Training Spells
3.0 - Methods & Techniques
4.0 - Where to Hunt

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The Bodacious Berserker

The premier class guide for the Berserker Class!

The Berserker, the master of chaos, and the bringer of hurt.  These hardened warriors thrive on madness and destruction.  With heavy plate armor and menacing weapons, those unfortunate enough to be caught in their wake will cower before their obvious power.

With the choice of being good or evil, the berserker makes a great choice of class no matter where you wish to unleash your fury.

This guide was designed to walk you through the progression of your berserker, from the moment you step foot onto one of the islands, to the height of your gaming career.  We will provide you with useful information and advice that will hopefully encourage the smooth gameplay of this very fun class.

A Quick Tour

Section 1: Berserker Basics Gives some insight to your new class, racial choices, and getting started.
Section 2: Combat Arts & Training Spells
A complete list of combat art from levels 1-70, including your training spells (Master 2 choices).
Section 3: Methodology
Some info on what to upgrade, breaking down the berserker abilities in easy to follow format.
Section 4: Where to Hunt
So ya know where to go to smack down that hurt!.


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