Custom Build: The Slayer

Updated Fri, Jan 02, 2009 by Darkgolem

Sudden Death, Without Warning
Quietly moving up to an opponent, and taking the opponent and the opponents allies down in a flurry of death. The slayer is a barbarian rogue build which specializes in taking out key opponents and surviving the attacks of the key opponents allies. Read how to build one with Darkgolem's new build, the Slayer!
With a high damage reduction, immense skill in dealing death with his or her great axe, and the durability to survive a lot of sudden damage at the start of a combat, the slayer is a deadly surprise for a party's enemies. More than that, the slayer is a good scout, and, unlike any normal rogue, unlikely to get into any trouble that they cannot get out of if they should happen to arouse an opponents notice.
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