Ryzom: Leaving the Ruins of Silan

Posted Thu, Jan 11, 2007 by LadySirse

Leaving the Ruins of Silan

The official site for Saga of Ryzom has been updated with some news regarding an upcoming patch.

In a future patch we plan to modify the NPCs that teleport you from the starter island to the mainland.

More freedom will be given to the refugees of Silan. The Karavan communication officer and the Kami guide will offer to teleport them to the capital city of their race (as is now the case) but they will also teleport them to any of the 3 others capitals, even though they will not be as keen to do so. Yep, maybe the strong presence of neutrality due to the big Atys Rangers' camp somehow weakened the will of the Factions that live nearby...

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