Fellowship Maneuvers: Strategies and Explanations

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lotro fellowship maneuvers

Guide to LotRO's Fellowship Maneuvers

LotRO's Fellowship Conjunction Wheel  What was once known as a "Conjunction" has been renamed as "Fellowship Manevers".  While the name's changed, the affects are the same.  At LotroSource @ Ten Ton Hammer, we try to bring you the most up to date and useful information as possible as you experience your journey through Middle Earth.  

First of all, what's a fellowship maneuver?  A maneuver is a special group attack or buff that only fellowships working together can attain.  Certain professions have the ability to find an opening in the opponent's defenses and use that opening to set off a chain reaction in combat that will enhance the fellowship's offenses and defenses.  Once the opening is found, each member of the fellowship will see a "maneuver wheel" pop up on the screen.  The tricky thing is that it's a temporary wheel, and the group must be quick and aware of the situation in order to pick the right combination that will help the most.  

Types of Maneuvers:

Ent's Strength

Fellowship Maneuvers: Ent's StrengthEnt's strength is exactly what it sounds like, this allows the fellowship to use an intense burst of energy to cause massive damage on the target.  This attack can increase in power, at the 6th level, get prepared for an AOE attack that damages enemies in a 10 meter radius.

Eagle's Cry

Lotro Fellowship Maneuvers: Eagle's CryCombat isn't all about dishing out damage, it's also the ability to stay standing.  While the Eagle's Cry at low levels is simply a self heal of morale, at the 2nd level, it becomes an AOE heal over time, at the 5th level it will cure fear and at the 6th level, it cures both fear and wounds.  Often overlooked, it's a powerful way to keep your group standing.

Spider's Guile

lotro fellowship maneuvers: spider's guileSpider's Guile is a melee attack, while not as powerful as Ent's Strength, it applies a powerful DOT (damage over time) on the target.  As it increases in level (5th and 6th), the DOT applies to the power and  the speed of its movement and attack.  

Stallion's Spirit

lotro fellowship maneuvers: stallions' strengthLike the Eagle's Cry, it starts out as a simple heal for your power, at the 2nd level, it becomes AOE, at the 5th level, it will summon a shade of a fallen warrior to assist you in combat.  At the 6th level, it will summon a more powerful shade.

Triggering the Maneuver:

Each fellowship has the opportunity and the potential to create a maneuver, from the 2 person fellowship to the maximum 6 person group.  Maneuvers are triggered when the fellowship is fighting an elite enemy and the beastie is beated into a state where a maneuver opportunity opens up.  The other way a Manuever is created is by certain Burglar and Guardian skills.  (It's always a good thing to have them in a fellowship) The key to the effects of the maneuver is based upon a few simple principles.  

  • The Maneuver Selected:  When a manever opportunity opens up, you have a choice to select one of 4 aspects.  The one you select will be displayed on the top center of the screen.  You will also be able to see what the other players have selected.  Once you select one, it becomes a game of chance, strategy and player coordination.
  • The Sequence Selected:   Like a game of cards, the winning hands are either sequences, straights or strategic  pairing.  A pair of colors will count for a more powerful version of that color.  Three in a row will be more powerful than the pair.  With a fellowship of four people, you can get two pair, in a fellowship of 6, you can get 3 pair.  It's that easy.  With straights, if each player selects a different color, then that maneuver delivers a cumulative effect.  
  • Different Pairings of Maneuvers:  Take for example a fellowship of 6 people.  4 of them select R, Y, B, G.  The other two select R, Y.  Here, you'll have a straight as well as two pair and this will trigger a unique attack/ buff.   If the two players select B, B, then that will create a straight and a three of a kind.  Which will produce a different maneuver than the R,Y,B,G,R,Y combination. 
  • The Really Tricky Part:  LotRO's combat system is fairly intense, fast paced and the ebb and flow of battle changes regularly, especially during elite battles.  Each player needs to keep an eye on how they're doing, how their fellows are doing and the overall pace of combat.  It's easy to just mash the Red button and get damage, but that wont help your minstrel trying to keep you alive.  

Professional Maneuverers:

The Burglar and the Guardian have special skills that can exploit the combat openings of the elite enemies.  When used well and strategically, it could mean the difference between a long, drawn out fight... rezzes, and death.  

Burglar Skills:

Burglar skills come in two flavors, skills that can put a target into a "ready state" for a Maneuver, and skills that can execute a Maneuver.  The first skills described are the abilities of the burglar to put the enemy into a ready state, and the second set are the actual skills that can start a Maneuver.  

  • Counter Defence - negates block/parry/evade on mob. 
  • Riddle - while a mob is in the 'Riddled' state they are still open to a Manuever. 
  • Startling Twist - While stunned the mobs block/parry/evade is disabled and is open to a Maneuver. 
  • Stun Dust - While stunned the mobs block/parry/evade is disabled and is open to a Maneuver. 
  • Trip - When in Stealth, you can knock an enemy down, opening up a maneuver opportunity.
  • Exploit Opening - This stuns your target, creating an opportunity for a maneuver.
  • Exposed Throat - After using your Double-edged Strike, your next attack will be a highly damaging attack which can open up a maneuver opportunity.
  • Marbles - If you have a bag of marbles in your inventory, you can use them to knock the enemy off balance and open up a maneuver opportunity.
Guardian Skills
  • Turn the Tables - You are able to knock down a target in response to being knocked down.
  • To the King - You are able to make a powerful attack against an enemy who has suffered from Overwhelm or Thrust, potentially knocking it down.

The Maneuvers:

Maneuver Pairs:

In a group of 2, these are the best maneuvers available.  (Singles only count for a minor effect).

  • Red, Red - Clash of Arms - Direct massive damage
  • Yellow, Yellow - Misdirection -Minor DOT. 
  • Blue, Blue - Planned Attack -Power over Time buff. 
  • Green, Green - Rallying Cry - Morale over Time buff. 
Three Party Maneuvers:

In a group of 3, your options for maneuvers open up considerably.

  • Red, Red, Red -  Direct massive damage
  • Yellow, Yellow, Yellow - Deception -A more powerful DOT. 
  • Blue, Blue, Blue - A more potent Power over Time buff. 
  • Green, Green, Green - Rallying Cry - A more powerful morale over Time buff. 
  • Red,  Blue, Yellow - Sinister Plan -Damage, DOT, Power Buff. 
  • Green, Red, Blue - Strength of the Pure - Direct Damage plus a power and morale buff. 
  • Red, Green, Blue - Wrath of the Righteous - Direct Damage, DOT and power boost. 
  • Yellow, Red, Green, - Direct Damage, DOT and morale boost. 
Four Party Maneuvers:

In a group of 4, your maneuvers start becoming more challenging and a lot more fun.

  • Red, Red, Red, Red -  Direct massive damage
  • Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow - Chaos in the Ranks -A very powerful DOT. 
  • Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue - A very  potent Power over Time buff. 
  • Green, Green, Green, Green - Rallying Cry - A very powerful morale over Time buff. 
  • Blue, Blue, Yellow,  Yellow - Deadly Whispers -Damage, DOT, Power Buff. 
  • Blue, Blue, Red,  Red- A powerful damage and power buff. 
  • Blue, Blue, Green, Green- A very powerful morale and power over Time buff. 
  • Red,  Red, Yellow, Yellow - Pounding Echos - Direct Damage plus a powerful DOT. 
  • Red,  Red, Green, Green- A powerful damage and morale buff 
  • Green, Green, Yellow, Yellow  - A powerful DOT and morale boost. 
  • Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, - Ent's Stand - A very powerful and useful damage, dot and power/ morale buff. 
Five Party Maneuvers:

In a group of 5, your maneuvers start becoming absolutely insane.  The trick here is to NOT mash the red button all the time, communication and strategy are essential.  Watch the vitality of your group and the position that the enemy is.  Usually, that will determine what you need to do.  .

  • Five of a Kind - Absolutely insane damage or DOT, or Buff
  • Four of a Kind + 1- Massive effect with a bonus
  • Two Pair + 1- Powerful dual effect with a bonus
  • Two of a Kind + Three of a Kind- Double powerful effects
  • Straight + 1 - Difficult to do, but a lot of fun to watch the effects of the AOE's
  • Red, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, - Entish Justice - Try this one, I double dog dare you. 
Six Party Maneuvers:

In a group of 6, your maneuvers don't "start" becoming insane, they become memorable experiences that you wont forget.  It's like a drug, you start wanting to get into fellowships to do them all just to see the amazing effects.  Again, communication, communication, communication.  You dont want to be the loser who selects a group morale buff when everyone's full... All I can say about these are "WOW".  

  • Six of a Kind - Absolutely insane damage or DOT, or Buff
  • Five of a Kind +1 - Absolutely insane damage pluse a bonus
  • Four of a Kind + A Pair- Massive effect with a bonus
  • Three Pair - Powerful  triple threat.
  • Two Three of a Kind- Double massive effects
  • Straight + 2 Pair - Difficult to do, but a lot of fun to watch the effects of the AOE's


For every group, there's a style and a flow to combat.  Each fellowship is different, however, with some communication and alert players, you'll be taking down some of the toughest enemies in Middle Earth.  The key is (and I've said this before... Communication).  Have fun, experiment and share your experiences with others.  .

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