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The Comic Book Guy: Champions Online vs DC Universe Online

Updated Thu, Jan 29, 2009 by RadarX

In a world of superheroes, there is no second place and if you don't believe us, ask Captain America's sidekick. Two high dollar hero themed games are currently in development and direct competition seems almost unavoidable. Will Cryptic Studios Champions Online win the battle through use a successful pen and paper system? Does Sony Online Entertainment's use of some of the most famous heroes in existence give DC Universe Online a resounding edge? Check out the Comic Book Guy's complete verdict below.

Champions Online has a significant advantage almost never seen in game development, an established rule set that works well as a video game system couple with absolutely tons of lore. Wizards of the Coast has only recently made D&D more video game friendly, but the HERO System has had video gaming potential since its very inception. Cryptic has already admitted to heavily borrowing from the HERO System core concepts of character and power customization, and with 30 roleplaying game supplements on the market there are plenty of level design ideas available.

Champions Online vs DCUO

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