Dwarven Leveling Guide: Chapter 7 - 9

You think you're a tough little dwarf now, don't you? Gone through the Marshes of Madness, fought some Greenskins, buried some undead, managed to save a Gyrocoptor, and rescued several shipments of the precious Oathgold the dwarves braved the Marshes to mine. You're hardly done though. People have things to do and need you to do 'em! Of course the best place to get started on your new employment opportunities is...

Thane's Defense

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Awww, how picturesque... until the Orcs come around.

Orcs! Grale Ironfist hates them and wants them dead! Especially the one that came down and stole the oathgold meant for the King's Doomstrikers. Then the Orc challenges the dwarves to come and get it! That, of course, is where you come in. Oh, you'll get the gold all right... and a trophy skull while you're at it. As if that weren't bad enough, some stupid Trolls ran off with the gun ammo. The Greenskins are marching and the dwarves need that ammo back! Looks like you'll be getting a few trophies this run.

Apparently the dwarves at this camp can't keep a hold of anything! Now they're missing a shipment of bitterstone and Orni Hammertoe needs your help. No, not with his hammertoe! With getting the bitterstone back! Along the way, a grave task must be undertaken. A group of dwarves decided to resettle in Barak Varr before it was cleared out and they were overrun by beastmen. Vengeance must be had and the remains of the dwarves laid to rest. They deserve that much at least.

Thane Karrasteel the Rally Master is a bit incensed by the tardiness of Gundrim and his Rangers. They were supposed to be on duty two days ago. Maybe the beastmen would know where they might be... if you can get them to talk. Elagroth Karginson the Kill Collector has seen the face of the enemy and the beasts they ride in on, and he means to put an end to that. Go out and kill the Great Warsnouts that the Greenskins ride into battle and there may be a little something in it for you.

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Is that a cannon in your pocket, or are you just happy to s.. oh, it is a cannon..

Down the road to the south a bit is a small encampment where you'll find Master Smith Jordsson. He's been working to clear the hills of those filthy Greenskins, but they got the best of the scouting party he sent to spy on them a few days earlier. Now he wants you to get the journal they kept and since you're there, kill some of the scavengers who might be picking at the bones of the dead.

Anselm Getman is a rare sight. A human amongst the dwarves he came bearing the gift of grog in appreciation for their help. Unfortunately, he's a merchant, not a fighter (and definitely not a lover dressed like that) so when some Greenskins came and took most of his grog, he couldn't stop them. He'd be very appreciative (cha-CHING!) if you'd go and get it back for him. Speaking of repossession, while you're out there pick up the barrel from Gudrim's Rangers since those ungrateful munchkins don't think it's worthy of their refined palates.

*side note: Make sure you talk to the Ogre outside of the camp for a Tome of Knowledge update!

Reekmarsh Camp

The Gobbos have sure done it this time. They've set up a tree and decorated it with the beards of fallen dwarves. As "The Dude" once said, "These aggressions will not stand, man!". Buren Grumblegut has sent a group out to take care of this, but no help will be turned away so get yourself down there and get some! On your way down there, you may notice that the dead aren't staying in their graves. This poses a problem not just because the dwarves are now fighting two enemies, but also, it's just kind of creepy! You might want to see what you can do about that, and no, Milla Jovovich will not be accompanying you on this mission. Finally, it seems that the dam the dwarves recently made has a Greenskin problem. Time to get your exterminator gear out and make sure they don't come back!

Barin Oathsmiter, the Rally Master of this little camp, thinks that someone should clear out the Greenskins and the walking dead so they can move the spoils out of camp. Since someone needs to stay with said spoils, and that someone is him, this leaves you on clean up duty.
Grunlock Steelspade the Kill Collector has a keener eye than his brother and what he's been seeing he doesn't like at all. Boglar have been poking their noses around camp and it mneeds to stop. Luckily for you, Grunlock seems willing to reward you if you take care of them for him.

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Reekmarsh, eh? That just about sums it up alright!.

Vandra Sweetrune has a lot to be done, and you have a lot of time to do things, thus you two should be good friends. Her first task is for you to get some rubbings from some ancient Mourkain Ruins for her, which will probably be easier than it looks. Isn’t everything around here? To complete her task to craft some protective runes for the dwarves, Vandra needs some strong metal. You’ll have to kill some goblins around the tree of beards and get back the gromil trinkets those dwarves had for her. With the enchantment she made for you, completing her next task of reading the summoning stone should be easy. Finally, she ran into a bit of a problem earlier. Seems there was a beastie that was more than your typical undead, and she barely escaped from it with her life. This, of course, means she needs you to hunt it down while she does… stuff that’s not as dangerous. It good to be an adventurer, isn’t it?


Foreman Grundigson is excited! A new vein of Oathgold has been discovered, but along with it, a den of giant Scorpions! They’ll have to be dealt with before work can be completed of course. Also, someone has been spotted wandering the marshes that goes by the name of Lamprecht. Find him and ask him his business here. When you come back, you’ll be doing some traveling. To forget the Doomstrikers, the Dwarfs needed four things, two of which they now have in Bitterstone and Oathgold, but they may have found the third, brightstone. You’ll need to travel to Mt. Gunbad and see what you can dig up… literally. Finally, a man by the name of Mattias Von Jaegar stopped by the camp almost three weeks ago. A Witch Hunter on the trail of a vampire, he’s not been seen since. You should go and see if he still lives or has joined the walking dead.

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Oathhold looks like a Ghost Town

Worried about his fellow kin, Glon Firehammer has decided that something needs to be done about the deadly bats in Fellwing Cave. Take a few down and help with the antidote killing two bir…er, bats with one stone. If that weren’t enough, someone attacks the camp every night and makes off with the dead! Glon has devised a way to keep the Dwarfs safe in both life and death, but he needs you to finish the concoction by getting the bones of the walking dead. Then use the elixir and allow the fallen Dwarves their final rest.
Speaking of rest, a human in the Dwarven camp, Ralla Widmer has been put off by some howling in the swamp recently. She wants you to go out and find out what it is while she …uh… washes her hair. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Lokki Redbeard the Kill Collector and his brother Droki have been protecting the camp from the beasts in the area, but the Tortured Souls are no end of trouble for them. You could help out by killing a few of them while you’re out and about.
Droki Redbeard the Rally Master has Oathgold to mine and shipments to get out on time! To do that though, they have to do something about the undead that cover the marshes! Looks like you have your work cut out for you, and don’t worry about the looming tower that overlooks the camp. You’ll get to that soon enough.

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