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We'll turn you from this...

Do you like PvE, but wish you could make it in the cut throat world of RvR? Do you enter a scenario without the slightest clue of how to PvP? Tired of being called "n00b", "candyass", and being told "go back to Hello Kitty and learn how to play your class, loser!"? Want to impress the girls (or the sexy Dark Elves who are most likely guys, but you pretend they're girls because otherwise it's just DAMN creepy!)? Well, if you've been a PvP wimp and you want 1000% more pwn when you RvR, then you need Ten Ton Hammer's Secrets to Ultimate Pwnage!


... into THIS!

Yes, with this little guide you'll no longer be getting the proverbial sand kicked in your face! Learn the RvR secrets to unlock your hidden potential and stop totally sucking NOW! Our other hardcore guides give you hard facts, gear essentials, and equations for the effectiveness of your stats, but this is the guide written specifically for PvP/RvR novices and comes complete with trash talking advice! So if you're a Care Bear who wants to RvR without getting the virtual wedgie, then keep reading!


Swordmaster - "For no one - no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts. This *points to the sword* ...this you can trust."

Swordmasters are everything you wanted to be after watching King Arthur movies as a kid. Noble. Graceful. Studly. Like the samurai of old, their swords are not just weapons to swing at enemies. They're extensions of their bodies and souls they can use to slice and dice you like the latest Ronco Salad Shooter, and yes, they can also julienne fries. Much like Immortals in "Highlander", they dedicate themselves to the study of the sword and they can live forever, except they're not nearly as stingy about it and there can be more than one. Able to go with the two handed "holy crap is that a sword or a tree trunk?!" variety for more DPS or sword 'n' board for better defense, the Swordmaster offers a bit of an option for those first getting into the realm of RvR.

C'mon! GET SOME!

The Swordmaster uses abilities that lead to more powerful abilities in a "chain" style of combat defined as "balance", so you'll need to make sure you pay attention to what step your on or you'll have to start all over again. That being said, there's a few abilities you want to keep your eye on and use often. "Gryphon's Lash" is your "Normal Balance" starter of choice. The damage done by this attack can not be parried or blocked, so you do the full amount every time you hit. From your "Improved Balance" abilities, "Quick Incision" is the way to go. This attack does damage, but also snares your opponent, keeping them from pulling their best Forrest Gump imitation and running away from you. Finally, in the category of "Perfect Balance", the winner is "Gusting Wind"! "Gusting Wind" does damage and has a knockback effect. This is perfect for when you need to pull your best Forrest Gump impression, or to clear away those pesky DPS people from your healers. When you're not looking to know someone off the cliff or away from people, then use "Blurring Shock" for just straight damage for your "Perfect Balance" finish.

Swordmasters can also use buffs known as "enchantments", where they enchant their blade with certain effects. This is nice because your enchantment of choice as a novice RvR-olyte will be "Phantom's Blade". This enchantment has a 25% chance to activate a damage shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage, based on your level, from an opponent. That means that 1 in every 4 shots you take will keep you from getting beat on for a short while. It's hard to beat that with a stick... or an axe, or a spear, or a sword...

Trash talk for Swordmasters should be snooty and arrogant. They are High Elves after all and have spent their lives devoted to nothing but a sword. No comic books, no video games, and no girls (or boys). So something like, "Well you could hardly expect to keep up with me. After all, you fight like a Dwarf with no arms and no legs named Matt."


Sorceress - "Also, I can kill you with my brain."

Prior to the Age of Reckoning, Malekith banned the male Dark Elves from learning sorcery. Partially because of his mother's insistence, but probably more because he's a closet perv. What proof? The female Sorceresses wear barely more than the Witch Elves while the males are covered from head to toe. Regardless of how they dress, one thing is for certain. Sorceresses pack enough firepower to make Lord Valdemort look like that kid in grade school who was always getting a wedgie as he was shoved in his locker. However, in exchange for this insane amount of ass kickery, Sorceresses will go down faster than the prom queen in a slasher flick if they get hit. Novice RvR'ers should realize that they will die at least 3 times a oRvR battle/ Scenario, and if they don't, they're either on an overpowered team or not really doing anything. Don't let that deter you though, once you see how much damage you did during that battle, you'll realize this is still a class worth learning to play.

I have the poweeeeeeeeer!

With Sorceresses, all you do is damage. Period. DPS secretly stands for "Damn Powerful Sorceress". You are ALWAYS going to be on the back lines. You need to make people come through your forces to get to you... which they usually do anyway once they get tired of getting blasted. Staying in range while staying out of melee can be difficult to get down, but keep at it and you'll get the hang of it. You have a bevy of high damage powers to choose from, plus several DoT's that make life annoying for the opposition, so we'll just hit on the high points to save space. Open up with something small like "Word of Pain". This nasty little DoT cuts your enemy's willpower by 30 and upon conclusion, does a high amount of damage. The beauty of this spell? Last we knew, it stacked up to 3 times. Now that you've lowered your enemy's ability to resist your spells by dropping their willpower, you can open up with your offensive powerhouse spells. "Doombolt" does a high level of damage and takes a while to go off (3 whole seconds!), but this is your bread and butter damage spell. Follow this up with "Chillwind" which is a curse that does DoT, and then "Gloomburst", which is a quick casting damage spell and you'll do ok taking down a single target. If you're soon to be in trouble, hit the offending party with "Arctic Blast". "Arctic Blast" is a mid damage spell, but also, if the enemy is cursed (which, by the way, both "Word of Pain" and "Chillwind" are) then it's also a snare! Then run away, find a safer spot, and start over again.

Also, since you're a Dark Elf and enjoy the pain and suffering of others (the more the merrier!) you'll want to bring your AoE spells to play with. If you can get a good vantage point, and keep your targets in range, then you can use "Shattered Shadows" all day long, and revel in your top of the parseness. "Shattered Shadows" is a high damage AoE that hits your target and everyone within a 20ft radius for a more than decent amount of damage. For closer combat situations, you also have "Surging Pain", but it's a low damage spell so it's best use is when your un-noticed (something that doesn't happen often) and close to the melee folk just to help whittle await at the enemy. "Ice Spikes" is also nice as it's an AoE DoT curse that does a decent amount of damage.

Finally, you can't talk about Sorcery without talking about Dark Magic. This is the mechanic under which Sorceresses operate and it WILL kill you if you don't pay attention to it. The higher the rating, the more damage your spells do, but at 100% you take damage with every spell you cast. A lot of damage. 4 or 5 spells like this and you're taking the big dirt nap. once you hit 100%, find an opponent, use "Dhar Wind" to dissipate that Dark Magic and start slinging spells again.

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