Nostale: New Gallery with Twenty Images

Posted Sun, Jan 25, 2009 by Ralsu

North American publisher Uforia describes Nostale as a casual MMOG that allows players to choose from four character classes with twenty specialty classes and participate in raids along the way to the top at level 70. Ten Ton Hammer has acquired twenty screens that showcase the gameplay in Nostale. At first glance, the images ooze cuteness, but the title's features scream depth and complexity. Is Nostale another F2P game that disguises sophisiticated gameplay with adorable cartoon graphics? Now's the time to find out. Uforia has spent a lot of time localizing the game for English speakers in North America, and the website shows great improvement over the original. In the meantime, enjoy the screens!


In the battle between the angels of Mystic Heaven and the demons in Hellrod, the humans who are caught in the middle are the real victims. In Nostale, players assume the role of a hero who...

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North American publisher Uforia describes Nostale

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Sun, Jan 25, 2009

North American gamers didn't often use the terms adorable or cutesy-wutesy before the advent of free to play gaming, but now it seems like every other game that hits our servers brings with it a heapi

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