WoW: Burning Crusade Review at 1UP

By John Hoskin -

It's been out two weeks...put a fork in it, The Burning Cruasade is done.

1UP had posted their review.

"If the original WOW hypothesized that art direction trumps technical prowess, two years later, BC proves it. Weirder and wilder than Azeroth's occasionally drab environs (sorry, but Desolace, Tanaris, and the Badlands were a bore), Outland's architecture, flora, and fauna invoke oohs, ahhs, and OMGs. Walk past the bog giants and fen striders of Zangarmarsh, fly over the porcupine-quill mountains of Blade's Edge, and witness the power of a well-wrought shape and a carefully chosen color palette."

Read the whole shebang by clicking here.

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