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EVE Apocrypha Expansion Q&A with Arnar Gylfason

Posted Tue, Feb 03, 2009 by Ethec

EVE Online is closing in on its sixth anniversary in May, but before that we'll see the game's tenth expansion but first retail expansion - and its first time in stores since the Simon & Shuster Interactive days - with Apocrypha on March 10th. Arnar “Zulupark” Gylfason, Content Director for EVE Online, joined us for a few questions on how Apocrypha is progressing and a few in-depth details on two of Apocrypha's two most anticipated features: tech 3 and epic mission arcs!

"The Tech 3 producers will be the ones heavily benefitting from the gold rush of intrepid explorers flying through wormholes and coming back with ancient materials for reverse-engineering and production. However, ships are usually made for one purpose—blowing up other ships. The ancient races in New Eden held that to be true, so the technology that goes into making Tech 3 is quite deadly."

Check out this Apocrypha expansion Q&A only at Ten Ton Hammer!


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