Darkeden Review

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Every self-respecting geek has dreamed of being a vampire at least once in their lives. Immortality, incredible power, and drop-dead gorgeous good looks are all temptations that might draw a person to live the life of the undead. In Joymax's horror-based MMO Darkeden, you're given the opportunity to play as a vampire or a vampire slayer, and the PvP possibilities are endless. The game has been on Cody "Micajah" Bye's radar for a long, long time, and he finally took the game for a spin. How did it fare? Read his Darkeden review to find out more!

With all that behind me, I finally got into the meat and bones of Darkeden. Or at least, what should have been the meat and bones. At character creation, you’re given the option of selecting three different races – Ouster, Slayer, and Vampire – each of which has its own particular playstyle and advancement system. While Vampires use a level-based system to advance, Slayers progress by gradually building up their skills through weapon usage. Ousters are like a combination of the other two classes. From the outset, it’s made readily apparent that both the Ouster and the Vampire – at least in the beginning – grossly overpower the Slayer.

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