Pedophile Used World of Warcraft to Meet Underage Girl

Posted Tue, Feb 10, 2009 by Cody Bye

A horrible story has surfaced in the news recently about a man that used World of Warcraft to meet and seduce an underage girl. Though the news itself is terrible, I couldn't help but notice the advice that the local district attorney gives parents reading the article:

Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins said he realizes it's difficult for parents to keep tabs on their children. But he said parents can check their computer browser's history and see the addresses that have previously been visited.

This just goes to show how many individuals still don't realize or understand the nature of today's online activities. It's our duty, as gamers, to insure that not only are our children safe from online predators, but that other parents know how to protect their children as well. World of Warcraft obviously doesn't use an Internet browser to run, and the district attorney has misinformed another set of parents who might be trying to protect their children. Let's hope someone at the paper eventually gives parents some better advice on how to protect their children on WoW.

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