DDO Top 10: Reasons to Play a Bard

DDO Top 10: Reasons to Play a Bard by Ralsu Bard is one of those fun classes that's easy to learn but difficult to master. "); //-- Bards develop decent combat...

DDO Top 10: Reasons to Play a Bard

by Ralsu

Bard is one of those fun classes that's easy to learn but difficult to master.
Bards develop decent combat prowess, a smattering of arcane spells, basic healing tactics, and a sizable number of skill points. What's so great about being a bard? Well, read my Top 10 Reasons to Play a Bard (in no particular order) and find out! When you're done, hop over to our Bard Portal to learn more about the class. And be sure to to check out our bard Custom Builds while you're at it!

1. Flexibility
You can build a bard for melee, casting, healing, crowd control, or any combination of those roles. If you get bored with a character who does the same thing constantly, you'll be pleased with the bard.

2. Popularity
Bards get invitations to join a party quickly. The ability to learn cure spells and the buffs from Bardic Music make everyone love bards. And who doesn't want to be loved?

3. Longevity
Bards retain their usefulness all the way to level cap. With a fair balance of melee, healing arts, and arcane magic, bards can find a way to help at any level. It's nice to feel useful

4. Versatility
Unlike a fighter who has trouble hitting an air elemental or a wizard who can't find a spell that will work on a golem, a bard will always be able to contribute to a fight. He can cast spells on the elemental and attack the golem with his weapons.

5. Adaptability
With a large number of skill points at each level and with the majority of skills available as class skills, the bard can learn to do most anything. You can finally be that guy at the party who can play guitar and belch the alphabet!

6. Variability
The sheer number of choices available for a bard build means you can build your bard to be distinctly different. Moreover, you can play more than one bard and get a different feel with each one. You could use all of your character slots on your server for different bard build and get a viable character with each one!

7. Accessibility
Bards make their mark from Level 1 with Bardic Music. You don't need to gain a few levels to get to "the meat" of a bard. You'll feel the identity of a bard clearly with just one level.

8. Compatibility
Bard class skills transfer well to just about any other class. No matter how you seek to multiclass, a level of bard (or two or three or four) will fit in perfectly.

9. Convertibility
Bards don't have to use a tavern to prepare spells. If your bard knows a spell, she can have it assigned to a hotkey. It's as simple as that. The bard is a master mechanic able to use any of her tools at any given moment.

10. Vocality
A bard makes all members of his party better though his music. He can inspire more damage and a higher BAB. He can boost saves vs. fear. He can even use his music to overpower monsters. Finally, he can boost Skills.

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