Q: Tempest's Spine

Tempest's Spine "); //-- General Strategies This quest is a raid encounter, so you can bring a total of twelve players to this dungeon. We recommend 3 armored tanks...

Tempest's Spine

General Strategies

This quest is a raid encounter, so you can bring a total of twelve players to this dungeon. We recommend 3 armored tanks (fighters or paladins), a good rogue, 2 pure clerics, one DV specialist, one crowd control expert, and 4 damage machines. A ranger with the proper Favored Enemy selections (think Drow and Giant) can do major damage here.

This quest throws a beholder at you--one of DDO's toughest creatures. Be ready to move with precision when it comes time for that encounter. It is best to have two of the tanks along with the crowd control specialist and a damage dealer occupy the drow and thaarak hounds while the other tank takes the healers and the rest of the damage after the beholder. One cleric should be ready to deal with all of the nasty effects of the beholder's many spells. This means Break Enchantment and restoratives should be memorized and ready to go. The other cleric can worry about healing the gaping holes the beholder will tear through the tank. Of course, once the beholder blocks the uses of magic, the fight changes dramatically.

The fights prior to entering the Spine are mostly optional. You may have to fight a few creatures to get a safe path to the entrance, though. Decide ahead of time how much effort you want to put into the optional battles. The XP payoff is large, but you need the party to be strong enough for the interior of the Spine.

Starting NPC: Chamberlain Cyrese Embree
Starting Zone:
Tempest's Spine
Related Zones:
House Jorasco
Greater Fire Elementals, Fire Giant Champions, Fire Giants, Mephits of Fernia, Flesh Renders, Fire Reaver, Drow (rangers, assassins, barbarians, shamans, blackguards, captains, fighter/wizards, guardians, hunters, necromancers, paladins, priests, prophets, slayers, warriors, wizards), Drow Scorpions (clerics and wizards, too), Hill Giant Hunter, Thaarak Hounds, Clay Golem, Beholder
Named/Boss Monsters:
A'tchkar (drow ranger), Vyikkus (drow sorcerer), Sor'jek Incanni (storm giant summoner)
Bonus Objectives:
Pool of Flame (kill 6 greater fire elementals); The Lava Bath (kill 6 fire giant champions); Wandering Giant (kill all fire giants and mephits of Fernia); Giant Guardian (slay the fire giant champions and mephits of Fernia in Section 2); Guardians of the Spine (slay 2 flesh renders in Section 2 and 3 more in Section 5); Ambush on the Bridge (slay the mephits of Fernia and  greater fire elementals in Section 3);  No Rest for the Weary (slay all monsters described in Section 4); Giant's Rest (slay the enemies in Section 6); Reaver's Crossing (kill the monsters described in Section 7); Lake of Fire (kill the monsters in Section 8); The Scorched Span (kill the monsters in Section 8); Kill the Ranger A'tchkar; Kill Sorcerer Vyikkus; Obtain Access to the Rune Hidden in the Flooded Tunnel (see the section on the Beholder)
Possible Reward Items:
Section 1: You enter the area near a pool of fire. Kill 6 greater fire elementals here for some bonus XP. It can be an easy battle if one of the clerics or a wizard buffs the party for fire immunity right inside the dungeon.

Move north to the next pool of fire for some more XP and combat. At any time you wish to stop the bonus fights and enter the spine, head to the center of the bottom of the map and proceed to Section 8.

4 fire giant champions, 3 greater fire elementals, 2 fire giants, and 3 mephits of Fernia surround the next lake of fire, and they're not friendly. Only the best enchantments will work on the giant champions, so crowd control may be difficult if your crowd control specialist is not a min/max build. Again, fire immunity is a big help.

Now move east toward two smaller fire pits if your raid party wants more experience through combat.

Section 2: The north pit hosts a fire giant champion and 3 mephits of Fernia, good for some bonus XP. The south pit is home to 2 flesh renders.

Your next chance for bonus XP lies southeast, at the far eastern portion of the middle of the map.

Section 3: You next find a bridge that spans a couple of fire pools. The bridge is the site of an ambush. You'll face 3 mephits of Fernia and a greater fire elemental here for bonus XP.

Move due north to fight one more bonus battle and gain access to a Rest Shrine.

Section 4: 5 mephits of Fernia, 2 fire mephits, and a fire reaver block your path to a Rest Shrine. The battle will be very hard if your raid force loses focus. It is important to take out that reaver and then one mephit of Fernia at a time. Magical weapons will be of great use.

After resting, you can head just a little west of the bridge ambush for more bonus XP.

Section 5: 3 flesh renders wait for you west of the bridge ambush. Killing these 3 and the two listed in Section 2 yields bonus XP.

Now you can head to the southeast corner of the map for another fight.

Section 6: 2 fire giants and a fire giant champion lie in wait for you here. This is possibly the easiest encounter you've had so far!

The next set of bonus XP lies in the southwestern corner of the map.

Section 7: If you choose to seek this encounter involving another fire reaver and his 5 greater fire elemental friends, you'll want to visit one of the two Rest Shrines near the center of the map afterward. It's a very hard fight, and it will cost the raid party many spell points.

Once you've rested, it's time to enter the spine. Head to the center of the southernmost portion of the map.

Section 8: The bridge leading to the interior of the spine is teeming with enemies. You'll need to overcome a flesh render, 3 greater fire elementals, and 2 mephits of Fernia to clear the path. The confined space of the bridge works against you with these enemies since they can attack from a distance. Try to draw them off of the bridge with a scout so that the party can slay them in the open.

You'll take a lot of damage, so use the Rest Shrine just to the east before entering the spine.

Section 9: Follow the mountain path and kill the hordes of drow along the way. Try crowd control spells on the melee, and kill the casters first. When the trail forks, take a right. At the next fork, take a left. Here you can fight a boss, A'tchkar.

A'tchkar: A'tchkar is a nasty drow ranger surrounded by more of his brethren. Use crowd control spells to try to reduce the damage the party is taking. Tactics should be standard to all of your raid force, but the off tanks give you a chance to divide and conquer if need be. When A'tchkar is defeated, continue up the path to find the next challenge.

Vyikkus: Vyikkus is a deadly drow sorcerer with more drow as companions. Your raid force will be assailed by vicious spells and debilitating status effects. We recommend a divide and conquer strategy here: send a main group after Vyikkus while a minor force occupies the underlings.

Your chance to face a beholder comes after killing Vyikkus. If you think your raid party can handle a beholder, hop through the magical gate. Otherwise, you'll need to proceed a little farther to trip the lever that will open a locked gate that lies at the end of the left path of the first fork you encountered. Regardless of your choice, we recommend that you take the right path of the second fork first. That leads to a much-needed Rest Shrine.
beholder wallpaper
Beholder: If you choose to face the beholder, our best strategy is to send two tanks with a crowd control caster and healer after the thaarak hound and the drow. Try to draw these monsters to one corner of the chamber while the remainder of the fighting force pulls the beholder to the opposite corner. The two healers with the main tank facing the beholder will be busy spamming Cure spells and restoratives. If the beholder enacts the anti-magic field (which is likely), the fight becomes a race to see whose hit points run out first. In this case, the fight boils down to the proficiency of the damage dealers.

If your team survives this battle, activate the rune and jump through the portal back into the mountain.

Section 10: Back on the path with the now opened iron gate, you'll group will bump into some locked doors. This is why we recommend a solid rogue. You must unlock these doors to proceed to the final battle.

Sor'jek Incanni: This is one nasty caster enemy. Elemental immunities will help some. Break Enchantment will help with some status spells. But mainly, this is a charge first and ask questions later kind of fight. Forget landing any status spells of your own, and many of your arcane damage spells will be resisted. You must slay Sor'jek quickly with brute force to have a chance. The longer the fight rages, the lower your chances of survival.

Aftermath: Exit the dungeon and speak with Cyrese Embree. With the quest complete, you've joined the ranks of the Elite in Stormreach!

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