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Casting for the Hunt: Ranger Spell Casting

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One of the many benefits of being a ranger is learning a small number of divine spells. Level 4 rangers can prepare 1 first level spell. At Level 6, they can prepare 2 first level spells. By level 8 they can prepare a single second level spell as well. At Level 10, they can equip two of each. This pattern varies from that of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook. The pattern suggests that Level 12 rangers will be able to prepare 2 each of first and second level spells in addition to a single third level spell.

These spells are drawn from the cleric spell list and can give rangers the extra protection they need in a tough combat. This guide is intended to separate the wheat from the chaff and highlight both general spell casting tips as well as important ranger spells. For further spell casting tips, check out our general spells guides.

Spell casting Ability

Rangers are divine spell casters. As such, the Wisdom score determines what level of spell they can cast and how many spell points they receive at each level. To be able to cast spells, a ranger must have a Wisdom of 10 + spell level (so you need an 11 wisdom to cast 1st level spells and a 12 wisdom to cast 2nd level spells). You gain bonus spell points for having a Wisdom modifier of +1 or higher.

You can use magic items to increase your Wisdom in order to either gain additional spell points or raise your Wisdom to a sufficient level to gain access to spells. For example, if you have a 10 Wisdom, a magic item that grants a +1 to your Wisdom would allow you to cast 1st level spells, provided you have spell points.

Rangers who intend to use their spells should start with WIS no lower than 10. A WIS of 13 is ideal because it grants access to Level 3 spells at character level 12. A 13 Wisdom also will net you a few bonus spell points at Level 4, allowing you access to your spells at the earliest opportunity. A WIS greater than 13 is wasted because the small amount of bonus spell points aren’t worth lowering your other Ability scores. Also, ranger spells are all targeted toward the party, so no one will be trying to resist your spells.

Spell Point Conservation

Rangers must consciously conserve their spell points. Rangers will generally have around 150 to 230 spell points at Level 12, depending upon their WIS and the magic items they possess. Due to your limited spell point pool, you’ll have to understand when to spend spell points and when to conserve them. Try to avoid casting spells if a full spell caster in the party can cast them for you. Also, save your spell points for important fights or for buffing up yourself and the party.House D

General Tips

Ranger spells include a few heals, some remedies, and combat buffs. You should use ranger spells to buff prior to important or large fights. One important thing to remember is that if you’re in a group with a cleric, talk with the cleric about what spells she is preparing. You should avoid casting spells that the cleric has memorized. For example, if the cleric has memorized Neutralize Poison, your party will be better served with you memorizing Remove Disease. You can help the cleric by using your spells, which usually don't need to be cast very often, and letting the cleric memorize something else. This works well with Protection from Energy, a line of second level ranger spells.

First Level Spells

The first level spells for the ranger include the following:

Official Text: "An ally becomes more able to blend in with his or her surroundings, giving a +10 circumstances bonus to Hide."

Notes: This is a nice spell for rangers who scout for the party or who multi-class with rogue.

Official Text: "Gives an ally a +10 enhancement bonus on Jump checks."

Notes: You can help your party by memorizing this one because few others bother with it.

Official Text: "Increases base run speed +15%."

Notes: Who doesn't like to move faster? You can get good use from this spell while running errands in town.
Resist Energy

Official Text: "Gives an ally limited protection from...damage [of the type of energy you pick], reducing...damage taken by 10."

Notes: This may be helpful to your party. Consult any Level 3 or higher clerics and wizards, as they will have these spells, too.

Official Text: "Gives an ally a +10 enhancement bonus on Tumbling."

Notes: Most melee fighters will have enough ranks in Tumble to get by, but you could cast this on a caster in the party to help that person out of a bind.

Second Level Spells

The second level spells for the ranger include the following:



Official Text: "Toughens skin of an ally, giving a +2 natural armor bonus to AC with an additional +1 bonus for every 3 caster levels."

Notes: AC is always nice, and Barkskin stacks with many common bonuses because it is considered a natural bonus. Chances are low that you could get a better effect through items, armor, or party members' spells (at least until druids come along).
Bear's Endurance

Official Text: "An ally gains greater vitality and stamina, giving a +4 enhancement bonus to Constitution."

Notes: Buffing with this spell at Level 12 will give your ranger 24 hit points and a +2 to saves vs. poison. most wizards and clerics do not memorize this one.
Cat's Grace

Official Text: "An ally becomes more graceful, agile, and coordinated, giving a +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity."

Notes: This buff will help you with your archery, but you can likely get the same results from gear or another caster int he party.
Cure Light Wounds

Official Text: "Positive energy is channeled to heal light wounds of your target or damage undead for 1d8 hit points +1 per caster level."

Notes: 13-20 hit points can be a paltry sum at Level 10, but this could fill in the gaps with some emergency healing if the cleric goes down or runs out of spell points.
Owl's Wisdom

Official Text: "Grants an ally a +4 enhancement bonus to wisdom."

Notes: This can temporarily boost your spell points, but the price of costing it will be too close to the gain received. You could also use it to help open WIS runes, but the cleric can do that.
Protection from Energy

Official Text: "Grants temporary immunity to [the type of energy you pick] for 1 minute plus 6 seconds per caster level."

Notes: Anything that gives immunity is nice. Most dungeons require Protection in a few key points, so you can really help the cleric by casting this for the party.

Third Level Spells

As of the time of this writing, the DDO Compendium lists only 3 third level ranger spells:
Cure Moderate Wounds

Official Text: "Positive energy is channeled to heal moderate wounds of your target or damage undead for 2d8 hit points +1 per caster level."

Notes: 14-28 hit points can be a paltry sum at Level 12, but this could fill in the gaps with some emergency healing if the cleric goes down or runs out of spell points.
Neutralize Poison

Official Text: "Detoxifies any sort of venom in an ally, causing him to suffer no additional effects from the poison. Additionally, it immunizes the ally from any poison he is exposed to during the duration of the spell."

Notes: The fact that this spell can be used as a buff makes it more useful.
Remove Disease

Official Text: "Cures all diseases on an ally. Does not prevent reinfection after a new exposure."

Notes: It doesn't give resistance like Neutralize Poison, but it at least removes those nasty disease effects.


Rangers have a few situational spells that can help the party in some dungeons. For the most part, ranger spells are just there to make life a little easier. If your DDO build for your ranger can afford you WIS 13, these spells are a nice addition to your repertoire.

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