NYCC '09 MMORPG Roundtable Video w/ Top Devs from 6 Games

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Top devs from around the industry answered your questions about the latest trends affecting MMORPGs in this entertaining, full-length panel video from NY Comic-Con. Included in the panel are Executive Producers Jeff Hickman (Warhammer Online), Bill Roper (Champions Online), Chris Waldron (FusionFall), Gavian Whishaw (Copernicus), DC Universe Online Creative Director Chris Cao, and NetDevil CEO Scott Brown.

They'll discuss a wide range of issues fromthe move to console / "action" MMOs, whether MMOs will someday renew their appeal to the traditional roleplayer, whether one genre continues to define MMORPGs, whether the state of the world economy will make a difference in the MMO industry and market, the rise of F2P and games developed in Asia, and much more in this entertaining 51 minute video!

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