Earthrise Interview with Masthead Studio CEO

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Atanas Atanasov, CEO of Masthead Studios, has plenty to say about their in development science fiction themed MMO game called Earthrise. In an interview recently he answered questions about the games crafting, weather system, and the combat system While it's still obviously early in development, he did discuss a few tidbits that will interest potential fans.

Question #9: I have heard that there will be no in-combat weapon switching – how do you guys plan on making this fair? Wouldn’t the winner of a fight already be determined?

Earthrise’ combat system is very dependent on player’s choice of gear and abilities to come up with a viable build in combat and small changes in equipment allow the player to make major changes in what abilities and advantages they have in combat, so changing gear in-battle would allow players to break the system. At the same time, Earthrise is a game about choices, about action and consequence – players have to make a smart choice and be able to show player skill and tactical game-play in order to survive in the wilderness or the battlefield. Even if gear-wise one player has advantage over the other, using devices and consumable items every player stands a chance to survive and overcome their opponent.

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