Five Reasons Why Open PvP Communities are Growing

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Massively multiplayer online games featuring open world PvP are on the rise. There's simply no denying this fact as EVE Online, Darkfall, and Mortal Online are gathering up hundreds of thousands of players into their blood soaked confines. But why is this happening? In this week's In the Trenches commentary, Cody "Micajah" Bye explores five reasons why he thinks open PvP MMO forums are gathering momentum. Check out his opinions, then head to the forums and give us your own thoughts on the topic!

Hostility Feeds Off Hostility – The most obvious theory in my list points to the natural flavor of these players and their desire to have more of it. It takes a special type of person to play in an open PvP game: the vast majority of open PvPers seem to take pride in their skills while also being eager to jump into the fray with anyone that steps over that imaginary line. These players are like that guy in your local bar that is always itching to be the first one to throw a punch, even when the offense is little more than a spilled drink. These individuals attract more of their kind simply by existing, and the same can be said about the uber-aggressors in open PvP communities.

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