Flaccid Launches Hurt F2P Performance

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Nothing is more disappointing than a wimpy performance when it counts--at launch. As Danny "Ralsu" Gourley makes his way from one F2P title to another, he keeps finding the same lackluster pattern: betas are for marketing and launches are for opening cash shops. Noting the big finish for the Runes of Magic beta later this month, Ralsu calls on other F2P games to deliver some real punch:

It may sound like a silly concept to P2P gamers, but F2P titles frequently transition to “live” status with little more than a news blurb on their homepage. Runes of Magic is set to launch March 19 with the inclusion of new dungeons, skills, and quests. That is to say, players will be able to tell the difference between the beta version they play on March 18 and the release version they play on March 19.

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