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Choppa Guide Overview: Orcs are the most single minded creatures in the game of Warhammer, and it is this single mindedness that makes them terrifying. Orcs live to fight. When not...
Choppa Guide

Overview: Orcs are the most single minded creatures in the game of Warhammer, and it is this single mindedness that makes them terrifying. Orcs live to fight. When not fighting an enemy, they turn on themselves and that fact above all others has kept the Warhammer world from becoming the Greenskin world. Amongst the rank and file of the Orc, is the Choppa. With blades in hand and a fanatical desire to fight anything and everyone, the Choppas are the most destructive of the Orcs.

Unlike their counterpart Slayers, the Orc Choppa will wear armor into battle. They're not seeking out death, just a good scrap. They dual wield swords that are more jagged shards of metal with a handle attached than actual weapons and can be distinguished from other orcs by the tribal body paint they wear.

  • Does massive damage in a short amount of time
  • Damage increases as "Berserk" meter fills up
  • Lots of AoE attacks means more damage to more foes in a wider range in a shorter amount of time.
  • Vulnerable to ranged attacks
  • Drastically loses damage mitigation if "Berserk" meter goes over 75%
  • Larger body = Easier target

Choppa Quick Info
Faction: Destruction
Race: Orc
Role: Melee DPS
Armor: Medium
Primary Weapon: Axe or Sword
Primary Stat: Strength
Mythic's Official Choppa Description

"WAAAGH! Chop da Humies! Chop da Sissies! Chop da Stunties! CHOP CHOP CHOP!."

– Gar the Mad, Choppa

Orcs are always itching for a fight, and at the best of times their insatiable bloodlust is barely restrained long enough to form some sort of rudimentary plan of attack. Choppas don't even have that minimal self-restraint. Ornery and savage, their one-track mind is dead seat on getting stuck in and bashin' heads! Chopping is what they live for, chopping is what they are best at, and this one-track focus makes them ferocious fighters. As such, a Choppa who lives long enough quickly turns out to be the most elite fighter of the Greenskin horde, wreaking havoc throughout enemy lines purely for the sake of satisfying their own self-indulgent bloodlust.

PvE Overview

"Oi, gitface! Choppaz do one 'fing an dat's CHOP! So's get out dere anz chop somethin'!" No truer words were ever spoken. You'll have a hard time getting beat in the world of PvE. With you massive damage output and AoE attacks, no single PvE foe besides a Champion class or higher can bring you down. However, once your Berserk meter goes above 75%, you become extremely vulnerable to multiple mobs and Champion class foes, so make sure to keep an eye on it and deplete it using your exhaustive attacks.
RvR Overview

Choppas in RvR are a terrible sight to behold. They run in and just start pounding on anything that moves. Your AoE and positional attacks are going to be your bread and butter here. Once you're in the 25%-75% zone on your Berserk meter, you are the epitome of "Bring on the pain". However, once you cross the 75% mark, you go from being a bit soft, to downright squishy. Your exhaustive attacks are the best way to keep that from happening and to dish out a little extra pain for the Order folks.

Choppa Abilities: Levels 1 to 20   |   Choppa Abilities: Level 21 to 40

Choppa Masteries

Choppa Mastery Paths

Path of Da' Savage :  This path is all about doing the most amount of damage to a single foe in a short period of time. Path of Da Savage is about you going in there and going nuts on people. The price to the path of the Savage though is that you will be flirting with being Berserk all the time, and that makes you vulnerable... if someone can stay alive long enough to exploit it.

Path of Da' Hitta:  This path deals with causing the maximum damage while exhausting your rage. With the Choppa, it can be pretty easy to max out that Berserk meter, but with the Path of Da' Hitta, you not only maximize the damage done with your exhaustive attacks, but you maintain control over your rage as well, thus keeping you from dropping in damage mitigation ability.

Path of Da' Wrecka : One of the best parts of being a Choppa is choppin' Order folk! The Path of Da' Wrecka allows you to focus on your AoE attacks so that you're doing the maximum amount of damage to the maximum amount of people at one time. This can be a waste though if you play a cautious Choppa who prefers single combat over jumping into the fray and sharing your love of choppin' with everyone.

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