Frag Doll Joins Warrior Epic

Posted Tue, Mar 17, 2009 by RadarX

True Games dark fantasy MMO has a new member of it's team focused on promoting community and cooperation with it's players. This new Community Liaison is one of the founding members of the Frag Dolls, an all female team who compete in tournaments all over the world. Brooke Hattabaugh will now take her skills at promoting gaming into Warrior Epic. More details are below:

IRVINE, Calif., (March 16, 2009) - True Games, an international
publisher of multi-player online games, added a new member to its
growing Warrior Epic team; Community Liaison,
Brooke Hattabaugh. Ms. Hattabaugh is one of the founding members of
Ubisoft Entertainment's Frag Dolls, a highly-skilled group of
professional female gamers who compete nationally in professional
tournaments and are responsible for promoting the games and presence
of women in the gaming industry.

"Brooke Hattabaugh is an enormous asset to the Warrior Epic team," said
CEO Bob Drobish. "Her extensive gaming knowledge and abilities and her
knack for generating interest and excitement and fostering
relationships in gaming communities, are a perfect fit for the Warrior
Epic community."

As Community Liaison, Hattabaugh is charged with cultivating an active
online community for Warrior Epic, officially
moderating all game related public forums and creating an extensive
online presence for the game and the company. Hattabaugh brings more
than six years experience in the areas of participating in and
managing online gaming forums, community feedback and public speaking
appearances at gaming conventions.

"I can't wait to start developing a relationship with the Warrior Epic
community," said Hattabaugh. "Working with the community is vital to
making a good game into a great game. Listening to the community
feedback will play a vital role in the success of Warrior Epic, and as
the voice for the community, my promise to them is that their feedback
will never go unheard."

Prior to joining True Games, her duties as a highly-recognized Frag
Doll included attending and competing in various professional game
competitions and industry trade shows, speaking engagements,
participating in many on-camera interviews for various national and
international print and TV media outlets and was also responsible for
organizing community events, both live and online.


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